Omerta: City of Gangsters brings an authentic yet rough mobster experience | GamesBeat review

For all the great amount of detail put into the game, the lack of real, permanent consequences and a fully simulated opponent is a huge letdown.

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Gungnir2145d ago

Enjoyable read. I like that you tried to spice-up the language a bit.

Sadie21002145d ago

Too bad about the negative stuff. Still need a cool gangster experience. There hasn't been one in so long, and based on Rotten Tomatoes, the Gangster Squad movie ain't gonna cut it.

3-4-52145d ago

Hmmm might be worth a purchase. I love these top down sim city type games.

Seems like it has enough good stuff for a solid play through but maybe you'd wait a year or so for playthrough # 2.