Evoland shows how action-adventure games have matured, without the boring history lesson

When I spotted Evoland, which Bordeaux, France-based studio Shiro Games is billing as “short story of adventure video games evolution,” two thoughts crossed my mind. First, it looked like an equally clever but more gorgeous version of Silicon Studio’s 3D Dot Game Heroes, a pixel-heavy throwback to the 8-bit era with modern sensibilities. Then I wondered how the developer was planning to encapsulate the entire history of a genre in one title.

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NagaSotuva2141d ago

We've come a long way since Atari's Adventure (1979).

illegalyouth2141d ago

I love this concept. And I really enjoyed 3D Dot Game Heroes, so I'm very interested in taking that retro concept and developing it further into an evolution of mechanics and presentation. This is definitely on my radar now!

Gungnir2141d ago

I might have to check this out.

JeffGrubb2141d ago

OK, I'm into this. That's a very cool way to teach the history of the medium.

SybaRat2141d ago

Kids these days need schoolin' in the basics. If you haven't played the original Tomb Raider on a too-slow PC, you don't get voice privileges on XBL.

s45gr322141d ago

Geez why so hostile, anyhow this is a great way for gamers to learn the history of the action adventure genre.

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