Homefront 2 Development Unaffected by Crytek Acquisition

Last week’s biggest story in the videogames industry was undoubtedly the unfortunate demise of THQ. Follow the auctioning of the publisher’s assets Crytek GmbH adopted the full intellectual property (IP) rights for the Homefront franchise, for which the developer was already working on the official sequel. Since the purchase, Crytek has gone on record to state that the development has not been affected by the external issues.

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MrGunny941780d ago

Good, can't wait to see what Crytek can do with Homefront

Fil1011780d ago

Are the homefront servers still up ???

MrGunny941780d ago

Atleast on the PC they are still some my friend :)

Fil1011780d ago

well i've got a buddy in the states who has just picked it up for $8 today so thinking I might go pick it up aswell.

TacticProductionz1780d ago

Yes they are. I just got the platinum trophy :)

MrGunny941780d ago

Have fun enjoy it :)! It's a good MP game too bad the budget for it was low...