Next-Gen: EA Has "High Confidence" In Gen4 Consoles

EA talks quite a bit about next-gen development in yesterday's investor call. Interesting stuff.

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Nyxus2117d ago

Isn't PS4/720/Wii U the eighth generation?

TimmyShire2117d ago

Yeah, but apparently EA is referring to it as Gen4. I dunno why. Maybe they're only counting 3D consoles, and therefore starting with the PS1?

Silly EA.

Dailynch2117d ago

Where's Dragon Age 3 already. No one refers to it as Gen4. Stoopid EA.

decrypt2117d ago

"Where's Dragon Age 3 already"

There only has been one Dragon age game so far.

Dragon effect 2 was pretty crappy and if they intend to keep the same milking strat with the next game no point purchasing that either.

user39158002117d ago

Yes its suposed to be 8th, but they disregard the Dig N and goes by PS4 4th gen and 720, they believe the wiiu to be curent gen lol... Kind of messed up.

Minato-Namikaze2117d ago

I'll wait and see on the wii-u. Gotta show me some things I like

fatstarr2117d ago

EA should get their video game cred taken away from them. I slightly remember some pre ps1 consoles making them some money.

disrespectful EA ... "Gen 4", someone needs to be yelled at for that.

Thatguy-3102117d ago

That statement there gets me hyped up and shows how next gen will show an improvement over this Gen. Why is it taking so long!!! The long wait is killing me.

UnholyLight2117d ago

It always does. The funny thing is that in hindsight it will all feel like it went TOO fast. Like this gen has lasted forever, yet it feels like yesterday when I first laid hands on the Xbox 360 at a Future Shop demo station and I was playing CoD 2. That game absolutely blew me away when I played it, seeing as how I was gaming on a Gamecube still at that point. Im 19 now haha. My whole life has been Xbox 360 it feels like!

WipedOut892117d ago

Unlike in Wii U then. I hope PS4/720 take off better or with companies making $80million investments in a single year, the console cycle model will fall apart.

PrivateRyan2117d ago

Does EA consider Wii U Gen4 or not? Genuine question NOT TROLLING

bicfitness2117d ago

They flat out said that they don't in the investor call. There are like a million articles on that one topic. So "no", they don't consider it 'Gen 4' (next-gen).

Ares84HU2117d ago

And I agree with them. It doesn't look next gen at all. Looks just like the 360 and PS3. It is next gen for nintendo, just not for gamers.

Y_51502117d ago

Confusing title. Not so sure what exactly EA is really confident for.

Ares84HU2117d ago

More microtransactions and sneekier ways to twist more money out of our arms. Battlefield 4, 1c/ bullet micro transation! Better learn how to shoot brah! :D

FarCryLover1822117d ago

LOL, I don't think they'll ever charge for bullets.

Grenades on the other hand though....

hazardman2117d ago

Was thinking same thing, maybe even a hike in season pass prices..

evilhasitsway2117d ago

im pretty sure ea is just counting the gens they have made games for.

cee7732117d ago

nope they've made games on genesis and snes its technically sony's gen 4 its like there counting gens based off ps1 lol

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