Final Fantasy VII Remake (NES)

"You've seen the NES Final Fantasy VII screens, now watch the clip. The game has the storyline for the multi-disc PlayStation epic crammed onto a NES cartridge. Unofficial, yes, but officially awesome." -Kotaku

Note that this is an unofficial/illegal game created by a company from china.

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cloud3603941d ago

Illegal made by a chinese fan company...

One step closer to getting an actual FFVII Remake

HardcoreGamer3941d ago

your right, but not funny in serious terms, hopefully squarenix, will deliver

GodsHand3941d ago

Imagine this was made back in the day of the NES. But Can Square do anything about this, probably not, but just to go on ahead and do an official remake.

The Barrett guy looks like Zangief from street fighter. IMO.

Eromu3941d ago

lol How would a remake of a game made long after the era of NES be made during the days of the NES? Time Paradox?

Panthers3941d ago

This looks a lot harder than the original game. The first battle never took that long.

RecSpec3941d ago

There you go, a FF7 remake, now can you all shut up?

ScentlessApprentice73941d ago

...if it was 1988, not 2008.

NES-calibur graphics and gameplay may be enough for you RecSpec, but it is not for the rest of us.

RecSpec3941d ago

Even though people want a remake, do they really think it could live up to the original? There is a problem, what to do with a remake. Just do the same game with a better story and graphics? Or change it into a new experience. There is no way that you would be able to satisfy both crowds. By today's standards the story would not hold up as well as it did back then, but to change it...well that is blasphemy to some hardcore FF fans.

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