Resident Evil 6 EX3 costumes available now

The long awaited retro looking costumes for Resident Evil 6 are now available to purchase using EX Tickets from the website.

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rustyspoon802057d ago

Would be great if they included the old school tank controls as well.

TechOne2056d ago

It's free if you play the RE events.

LKHGFDSA2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Wow, you can't even get these unless you already took part in some special event?
After the outrage of us finding the content on the disc Crapcom said that it's all okay because we'll get the content for free when it comes out. but now we don't even have the option to get it.
Terrible form.

Jovahkiin2056d ago

Should have just re-done the old outfits with modern graphics. Stupid idea playing with the outfits in a modern-graphiced world haha