New Battlefield Game Coming Next Year

EA has confirmed that a new Battlefield game will be released in 2014. Details on the upcoming first-person shooter are set to be released soon

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NastyLeftHook01871d ago

i can already see it

games 4 life

Play 4 free

Battlefield 4


Playstation 4.

crowd cheers.

Murad1871d ago

I don't personally believe EA will ever do that sort of thing.

IaMs121871d ago

Bad Company 3! Could only hope

Murad1871d ago

I totally agree. I wish however that i was more like Bad Company 1, then 2. 2 Felt like you were given silly scenarios, and the story itself was very forgettable. However, number 1 had a crazy story, and great characterization, where you actually felt apart of Bad Company, and how you wanted to prove them wrong, and get the gold.

deep_fried_bum_cake1871d ago

Yeah story wise Bad Company 2 had nothing on the first. Multiplayer wise it was great, but I don't believe that just because a game is focused around multiplayer, that they should provide a poor single player.

IaMs121871d ago

Agreed, have a single player like the first bad co while maintaining the bad co.2 multiplayer. Bad co.2 is my favorite one so far for multiplayer wise.

seanpitt231871d ago

Must be for ps4 then on next gen systems

Hazmat131871d ago

i really want Bad Company 3. it must be done!

isyourhouseonfire1871d ago

Well I hope its got good framerate, BF3 was a joke because it felt like playing in a strobe light.

On top of that, the gameplay was far too flawed. I still don't understand why EA doesn't just poach some of Treyarch's developers. EA has the money.

Eh, whatever, I'll give the new game a shot either way.

kratos1231871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Easy EA already has the best talent of infinity ward snatched from Activision. Plus the original developers of cod. And last but not least treyarch are average developers that did nothing to prove themselves, they accept to make yearly cod titles instead of fighting against Activision to make something new like infinity ward did to devolp modern warfare

gazgriff2k121871d ago

lol because black ops 2 was exactly like modern warfare and has no innervation or unique features try again troll

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The story is too old to be commented.