Guardian hands-on preview of Killzone:Mercenary

From the guardian:
Here's something that's never really worked: first-person shooters on handheld consoles. Okay, Resistance: Retribution was okay, and some of the Call of Duty and Medal of Honor titles have just about scraped by on PSP and DS. But nothing really memorable, nothing that stood up as something that added to a series.

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chestnut11222141d ago

I am Pretty Positive Killzone: Mercenary will delivers., Haters may hate it but These game really is the FPS game we are all looking for.

tubers2141d ago

Hmm so I've read around several KZM articles.. one said you can press O to sprint and crouch..

Two said needing to double tap the back pad and hold for sprinting..

I hope the latter isn't mandatory ala RBS (tap down the dpad to sprint).