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Future Nintendo Consoles And Portables Will Share Architecture And OS

Nintendo’s new R&D division is working on ways to make future Nintendo devices more integrated with one another. President, Satoru Iwata, explains how. (3DS, Nintendo, Wii U)

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wiiulee  +   788d ago
i dont remember nintendo making that announcement yet...
bullymangLer  +   788d ago
ha haa .the irrelevance of today is . ." dont you love it when an angry one blocks you rite before they send you a p.m. that proves nothing . if they were correct, they wouldnt have to block anyone, pussy toes?
a goomba blocks you like a goomba should . ha haa

and oh yes, please lets share architecture between portables between consoles and machines khh
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PopRocks359  +   788d ago
Well they kind of joined their console and portable teams together, so... Yeah.
pedroyamato  +   788d ago
This means one thing, either a not very powerful new home console or a monster handheld, wii u OS itself may use 1 GIGA ram, just imagine a portable using that... crazy...
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iamnsuperman  +   788d ago
I agree but this thing is a long way off so in the future it may not be so, as you put it, crazy and may be the norm. Look at how much phones have evolved in a couple of years. Lets hope this evolution applies to the gaming world.

It might be the norm. It is nice to know Nintendo is thinking a head but this is an unusual announcement to make so early in both the 3DS and Wii U life cycle.
profgerbik  +   788d ago
What is so special about 1GB or RAM? PS Vita already uses 512mb of RAM.

1GB isn't going to be anything to make a huge difference. I just don't understand what 1GB of RAM has to do with a crazy portable..

Especially when there is one that is already using half that. I really hate to say this but man some console users are just stupid.. Seems like some of you people don't know shit about an actual computer.
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pedroyamato  +   787d ago

You understand that it is not 1 GIGA for the system but for the OS! thats HUGE my friend.

"Seems like some of you people don't know shit about an actual computer." You cant even understand the article LOL OLOL go look for a job kid, internet is turning you full retarded.
ChickeyCantor  +   788d ago
It's not 1 Gigabyte. It has 1 gigabyte reserved to itself. So it can run other apps while the other gig is untouched for games to use.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   788d ago
Turrble idea. Increase interactivity, but keep them separate entities.
miyamoto  +   788d ago
I wonder if Kojima will port MGS 4 to the PS Vita....
animegamingnerd  +   788d ago
and what does this have to do with the article?
animegamingnerd  +   788d ago
double post
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Kevlar009  +   788d ago
Soon we will be able to use the T.V as the main screen to our gamepad which is the main screen to our handheld's double screens

Asymmetrical gameplay within the asymmetrical gameplay. Try that on for size
RFornillos4  +   788d ago
my belief is that this is part of Nintendo's plans to closely integrate their two consoles to make one ultimate hybrid handheld and home console.

NVidia proved it can be done with their Project Shield; rumors suggest Steambox may also go a similar route, and yet again more rumors suggest PS4 and Vita will also be closely integrated suggesting more cross play features and more.

so in response to how the mobile gaming market is affecting sales for home consoles, we may be seeing a home console with a hybrid controller that not only allows streaming of games (a la Wii U to the gamepad), but also capable of playing games independently on it a la 3DS. it will also integrate more features from both handheld and console technologies, probably a unified eShop. With a unified eShop, games that are designed for streaming from home console can be bought and downloaded to the console machine, while handheld games can be downloaded directly to the handheld/controller -- games with cross play features will be downloaded to both.
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iamnsuperman  +   788d ago
"my belief is that this is part of Nintendo's plans to closely integrate their two consoles to make one ultimate hybrid handheld and home console"

I do not think that will ever happen from Nintendo unless their hand is forced. I think Sony has the least to loose by doing this as their handheld sell but no where near the amount Nintendo's handhelds do. Nintendo will not make the first move. It would cannibalise the only reliable market they have. The 3DS is selling well and I assume their next version will as well. (check out my blog, here, about this specific topic: http://n4g.com/user/blogpos... ). I see this as more of a precaution and a general link between systems like we are seeing in most branded devices (for example, Apple devices, Sony devices.....)
profgerbik  +   788d ago
How funny as always no hate here, any other company was doing this and Nintendo had first all I would hear is "They copied Nintendo"..

So now they want to do what Sony has been and no one mentions shit about that.. not like I care I just really can't stand the biased nature of many of the users here. Seriously iPhone user flashbacks.. people are the same damn way about the iPhone, they will support that thing even when it does them wrong.

Like I said anyone else like Microsoft or Sony comes out with a game pad controller everyone will be crying about how they copied Nintendo.. but no it's the other way around and everyone is so sympathetic for Nintendo.

Anyway I do support this idea, I honestly think Nintendo should have been the first people to do it, their games always could've used more integration between their systems especially since they are usually behind in terms of hardware for the others it would have been a great thing to set them apart.

I was actually surprised to see Sony attempting this first. Either way that will be the future of all handhelds as they become practically portable consoles which the PS Vita kind of is. I mean I can't wait to see both Nintendo's next handheld or Sony's they are both going to be amazing in terms of how close they will be to consoles as the PS Vita already is pretty damn close to the PS3 sometimes.

Then again I don't really know how the newer consoles will fair if they are big advancements. Chances are handhelds will constantly be playing catch up no matter who it's made by and it will never have technically the same experience because it seems like you would have to sacrifice a consoles experience just so it can be the same for a handheld.

Handhelds are getting close no doubt I just don't know what the next consoles will be like so I can't say for sure if we will see that soon is all I am saying sure later on down the line there will probably be no difference at all between console and handheld gaming.

As someone said though I do think it's a little odd they are announcing this now. They better not already be planning on releasing a new console and handheld sometime soon.. as cool as it may be it's a little ridiculous for people who just bought Wii U's or 3DS XL's. Nintendo does have a bad habit of revising things constantly so it does worry me slightly but I can't imagine they would just kill off the Wii U so fast.

So I hope this is not anytime soon.
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tubers  +   788d ago
So the big N tries to follow PSP/PS3/VITA/PS4 suit eh..
lovegames718  +   787d ago
Just like they Copied Sony trying to be a media hub lol cough cough Sony blu ray, web browser, Full Dolby, stereoscopic 3d not that bs fake 3d wiiu has etc.....

This is for you kingofwiiu since i love to prove you wrong all the time the Wiiu has a different type of 3d which isnt true stereoscopic 3d and not comparable (stereoscopic 3d performs better and is coming from the hardware, not software. Assn Creed 3 uses just that ..

Nevers0ft  +   787d ago
Before you go about proving Kiingofwiiu wrong you might want to brush-up on your knowledge of 3D technologies. The Wii U doesn't "have" any type of 3D baked-in, it's just how the game is rendered. In the case of this article they simply render a stereoscopic image to the pad. If developers want to render 3D to the TV I suspect you'll have the choice of stereoscopic (use normal red/green glasses) or SBS (let the TV handle the 3D by splitting the image vertically and sending L/R image separately to each half) - it's not a hardware "thing" though, you just need enough speed to render the image twice and in the case of SBS, a 3DTV.

(I hope that makes sense, it's a bitch to explain)
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lovegames718  +   787d ago
Oh and as i read on i see that the 3d is only for the gamepad? hahaha oh no wtf would i want it only for the gamepad what a dud.



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