Sony to Release Details on PSP / PS3 Interaction Soon

Sony told Reuters that it's planning to release new details on the interaction between the PlayStation 3 and its portable PSP system soon.

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TheMART4423d ago

So soon already? Whow Sony you keep surprising us

What about telling what the online service will be about, or show it? What about the so called secret RSX spec's which is just an Nvidia 6800? I say Rrriiidggeee Rrraaccceerrrrr

bilal4423d ago

pay you on hourly bases or on the number of stupid posts...
i think its the latter

HiSpeedSoldier614423d ago

Probably doesn't even know what a real life woman feels like, besides his mommy.

kingboy4423d ago (Edited 4423d ago )

Is a ps3 news addict on this site.His present on every news trying to catch updates about the hardware.He even checks on ps3 more than sony fans haha! i wish i could beat him up in a game and watch him cry home to mommy...

ahmedbagoun4423d ago


Dante14422d ago

Obviously is stating there a bigger fanboy than the Mart and if it were the Mart he's lieying to himself!