Make No Mistake; “X” is Coming to the West

Oprainfall writes:

"I don't claim to be an analyst when I write something like this. But I do be hopeful."

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RaikRhythm1814d ago

Of course it is. I don't understand why some people are saying that it won't. Those Nintendo Directs were tailored to each region; it was shown in the American and European ones, so it's coming to those regions. Simple.

PopRocks3591814d ago

Why would they show the debut trailer in a conference specifically for the west if they didn't intend to bring it to that region?

metroid321814d ago

Considering it was a Nintendo direct for Europe and UK i can confirm these games are all for the UK.

wiiulee1814d ago

of course its coming to the west thats why nintendo showed it off and saved it for not so sure why nintendo has so many haters spinning lies