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Wii Street U trailer

Check out a trailer for Wii Street U, powered by Google.

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Community1781d ago
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herbs1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

This is a great addition for family's and a good use of the gamepads unique features, really the first real step forward in augmented reality.

profgerbik1781d ago

Yes because looking at Google maps on something that is not even capable of leaving the house is completely necessary.

How much fun still panoramic images!

I am sorry this is just confusing me why it's on the Wii U. I could completely understand if the game pad could be taken away portably but it cannot.

RuperttheBear1780d ago

I look at google maps at home to get a rough idea of a route to take. What does it matter to you anyway, it's not going to cost anything?

metroid321780d ago

If your going on holiday or somewhere far you can check out parking and bars ect basically plan the best routes from your hotel to the best bars it's as handy as something simular on pc ??? it's fantastic.

Thatguy-3101780d ago

Why is the family acting to have fun? Nintendo needs to get there act straight when marketing the wii u. That's one of the reasons it's selling below expectations.

DeadlyFire1780d ago

I can do this on my computer, but no panoramic view when I pick up my mouse and move it around in the air.

I personally utilize Google Maps like this when I go places. Makes it a hell of alot easier to know where a street is located at when you have never visited that area.

I am not sure how this translate as fun, but its unique yes. Nice feature I admit, but not really pushing me to buy.

cyhm31121781d ago

haha, everyone can do it in your computer, it is called google map

BullyMangler1781d ago

but you cant do a full 360 degree turn in your loving room using google maps can you? hua haa

profgerbik1780d ago

Yes, I could just spin in my chair while using google maps on my computer to be even more specific...

Or I could just my Nexus 7 that is actually portable.. That does the exact same thing and I am sure tons of people have a tablet that can do this before they bought the Wii U.

Again trying to make this seem innovative is just really ridiculous or maybe you were being sarcastic? but turning around 360 degrees in your room does not make Google maps anymore fun.

Just probably makes you more dizzy.

Donnieboi1780d ago

Yeah i'm doing all kinds of 360 degree movements in my "loving room", but it's got nothing to do with google maps. Y'know what i'm sayin'? You DO know what i'm saying, don't cha???

guitarded771781d ago

If you can share pics in Miiverse so people can discuss, it will be really cool. Only problem I see with it would be Nintendo with their Nazi censorship saying people are giving too much personal information about locations. I had someone on Miiverse ask to send me a friend request in a post no one else was in. I said sure and that my ID was the same across all platform. Nintendo deleted my comment and said I was not to give out personal info. It's not like I gave out my address and bank account number... With people sharing locations with this app, they could go crazy with the censorship thing. Anyway... too much beers... sorry for rambling. Looks really cool. Not as cool as the Monster Hunter 3 opening vid, but pretty cool.

jon12341781d ago

its powered by google, it should be called google street view.... not street u

1781d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.