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Wii Street U announced by Nintendo

Nintendo Insider writes:

During Nintendo's results briefing earlier today, global president Satoru Iwata has revealed the name of the Google Map services headed to Wii U. (Wii Street U, Wii U)

majiebeast  +   659d ago
Did Iwata just land on the moon?
aceitman  +   659d ago
I'm sorry what is the point of this u can't take it with u. Give us games plz.
Phil32  +   658d ago
"Give us games plz."

There was this little thing called a Nintendo Direct that happened last week. Maybe you saw it?
bullymangLer  +   658d ago
u cant take the wiiU with you, but the wiiU can now take YOU far far away . .
WeAreLegion  +   658d ago
Were they supposed to announce games at the Nintendo Direct thing?

They didn't...
Donnieboi  +   658d ago
Iwata is always showing off pointless crap, as if they are features we should be appreciative of. For example, in Nintendo's pre-E3 show (which waz actually pre-recorded), Iwata ACTUALLY shows off the Wii U controller's "ability" to send our mom's a mother's day e-card using the touch screen. Seriously. This is something they spent a while displaying, as if it were practical. Pathetic.

Iwata is the reason why Nintendo has become a company of pointless gimmicks, cheap outdated tech, soccer mom friendly, featuring low 3rd party support and rehashes of old franchises (instead of making new IP's too).

Iwata's been screwing up Nintendo ever since becoming prez During the Gamecube era.
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Root  +   658d ago
He's going to be p***** off when he realises that Americans beat him to it, then the Russians, and a monkey

Next thing you know he'll be making a ladder to heaven made out of Wii U's
BanBrother  +   658d ago
Where were you, when they built the ladder to Heaven??
WeAreLegion  +   658d ago
He was raising the bar...
Kevlar009  +   658d ago
Fun Fact: First animal to orbit the Earth was a dog
Donnieboi  +   658d ago
Nintendo before Iwata was prez: NES, Snes, N64

Nintendo after Iwata became prez (unfortunately): Gamecube, Wii, Wii U


Well, at least their handhelds are stellar.
greatcrusader44  +   658d ago
Game cube was awesome, and Wii U just came out, so I'll reserve judgement... Wii was a miss for the Hardcore crowd though :-/
RTheRebel  +   658d ago
profgerbik  +   658d ago
WTF? WTF? Google maps on a Wii U? WTF? You can't even take the controller that far away from the system...

This has my mind boggled.. So pointless to even have this let alone mention it.
iamnsuperman  +   658d ago
I agree this is dumb. Having loads of features is one thing but google maps isn't relevant because the tablet isn't portable. Google maps suits portable devices.
kneon  +   658d ago
This is a classic example of "Just because you can doesn't mean you should"
PirateThom  +   658d ago
Google Maps on a console may well be the most pointless thing ever.

Nintendo just do not get it, do they?
Phil32  +   658d ago
EDIT: Nvm.
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Kingthrash360  +   658d ago
Yeah edit that comment plz. Nvm is right... I have yet to buy a wiiU I will soon but not yet if the wii has taught me anything. I can see the frustration in wiiU owner right now. This guys showing off google maps on a device that has to be plugged into a wall and a tv. If the controller could double as a navigator the it would make more since, but it doesn't.
Gamers want games for thier consoles.... Not some gimmicky add on that they already have on thier phone. So yeah I can see the frustration why can't you?
Lol tried to erase that comment before someone read it huh...
Phil32  +   658d ago
No, not "Nvm is right." I'll happily post what I wrote so smug folks like you who try to post their opinions as facts understand the frustration of coming to this site and seeing the majority of people acting like total jackasses.

The fact of the matter is this site is nothing but the same weak ass trolling, shitty fanboy pissing contests, and bullshit discussions that amount to "my company rules and yours doesn't."

I'm ashamed to be a gamer when I see every freaking discussions turn into fanboy arguments and mass trolling. We're supposed to love this hobby, yet most people here would rather play console wars than actual video games. Most of you are probably grown ass adults yet you behave like absolute children, and for what-- to say your electronic toy is better than someone else's?

So no, not "Nvm is right." It's more "Grow the $#$# up, N4G users" as you have made this site absolutely impossible to take seriously and made it so my opinion of "hardcore gamers" (when did it become cool to play video games a lot? Most still find that pretty pathetic) is even lower than it was.

EDIT: And with that I am done commenting or even reading the comments on this site.
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Realplaya  +   658d ago
I watched the video and I get it. it's basically an app to let you explore the world. Someone h=who doesn't travel or never will get to maybe an old person who can't be mobile can see the world through google maps. I think people should watch the trailer before dissing the concept,
lilbroRx  +   658d ago
Well said. Its nice to see intelligence used for once instead mindless bashing.
Kingthrash360  +   658d ago
While I will not say you are wrong in your point of view... It is a great point.
But can't that same person whom is not mobile watch the travel channel? Or the news or PBS? Or thier computer? Or phone ? Or window? I'm no fan of bashing but I think some gamers feel like maybe they could have made a game or something instead of google maps... They may as well had made a gardge door opener.
If anything make this a launch trinket already installed like phones do. That way it won't look like they wasted time making something so useless to people who bought a wiiU for GAMING purposes.
TruthbeTold  +   658d ago
It doesn't cost anything, and you aren't required to use it. Ever. So why does it bother you so much? You can't say they should be 'putting resources into games'. They just showed us a lot of good stuff to look forward to last week. So what's the deal? An immobile person can use some other method, OR they can use their Wii U to Zoom in on anywhere in the world to pass the time from their bed/wheelchair/toilet/etc. It costs nothing. It hurts nothing. It stands in the way of nothing. What is your problem?
Kingthrash360  +   658d ago
I don't even own a wiiU foolio. I was just saying I understand why SOME wiiU owners would be mad. Dam y'all sensitive today. Enjoy your maps while on the toilet... Ill enjoy my 3ds or vita on the toilet thanx.
TruthbeTold  +   658d ago
Well, don't be surprised if at some point Nintendo DOES announce Garage Door Opener functionality. :p
profgerbik  +   658d ago
No one is technically dissing the concept they just think it's pointless to be on the Wii U. You can do this on thousands of devices that are portable and chances are very huge that people owned these types of devices before they even bought a Wii U.

So why would you want to sit there and do that in a living room when you could actually travel or view the same thing from tons of other more conveniently available devices.

It just seems like a useless app people will use on the Wii U and then never use again once they are bored with it.
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pedroyamato   658d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(3)
bullymangLer  +   658d ago
this is pretty much just showing off the consoLes tech . .look at all these fan-boys jumping to action to try and find something wrong with the big N .hoh hohh

P.S. i seriously didnt even read the comment right above me before posting this one . . ha ha haaaaa . fanboy goombas
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wiiulee  +   658d ago
nice and i want nintendo to release an update to the wii would like to play commercial for the wiiu and focus on features of the system and what it offers.
DivineAssault  +   658d ago
what are they doing?! why are their heads up their a$$e$?! Damn nintendo, u have everything u need to make this console work & appealing but keep it down with nonsense & not giving people modern day features that are standard.. Also, games! Thats what a system is for isnt it?

Maps? really?
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CPTN MITCHELL  +   658d ago
U this u that everything must be name U
TheDivine  +   658d ago
I love Iwata. This guy is crazy as hell. Always showcasing some dumb shit like its a selling point. He also happens to be a super cool, brilliant dude who's very passionate about games but damn bro. Damn.
ozstar  +   658d ago

Seriously though, you know Google's the only horse to back in this race, right? Right N4G????

Microsoft's got nothin on Google.
LOL_WUT  +   658d ago
It still a useless feature. All the resources that went into making this could've been put on a new downloadable game. ;)
Zeppelino  +   658d ago
Do you really think that the resources given to this could make a new downloadable game? This is like a copy paste to show off wii u's gamepad
stuntman_mike  +   658d ago
when are they doing the third party nintendo direct?
Nevers0ft  +   658d ago
So many people are wondering what practical use Google Maps will be on the Wii U and completely overlooking the Street View on the Gamepad... Why not do some virtual sightseeing from your living room? It's not very useful but it might be briefly entertaining :)
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TruthbeTold  +   658d ago
Like Jamie Foxx's "mini Vacations" on that movie Collateral.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   658d ago

In a world were there are Apps that let you look like your pouring cartoon wine from a cartoon bottle...

...Nintendo does not have to justify the existence of this app.

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