Why Nintendo Doesn't Need EA

EA says they are not interested in supporting the Wii U. Will that kill the Wii U, or does someone need to teach EA a lesson? Satire.

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exfatal2148d ago

hrmm hope another developer can make some worth while sports game then i can completely agree with this article

metroid322148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Konami will make pro evo wiiu and thats all most people buy from EA so i'll just get my football fix from Konami,every action game from EA is UTTER RUBBISH AND NINTENDO DONT NEED THEM,and when ps4 and 720 bomb and Konami are selling millions of copies of PES on wiiu i will laugh,because EA are playing the crying game Ninty turned down Origin and got Valve to help with eshop instead but ultimately made their own sevice and now they shunt the WiiU ??

I hope for EA's sake that the ps4 and 720 with their lesser gpu's sell well becuse by that time most Ninty gamers will have put EA to the bk of their minds,there will be no coming bk EA shunting the wii is 1 thing but shunting the WiiU a console with dx11 comparable graphics,and will sell around 15 million units a year is just asking for trouble as Nintendo will just make more in house games ?

morkendo232148d ago

who cares about EA any longer??? they ruined NEED FOR SPEED only ea game i used to like. now criterion fused it with burnout engine now n4s really gone.

chadboban2148d ago

Before anyone gets all mad about how "wrong" he is and you know...stuff, you have to realize that this is SATIRE, an exaggeration of typical fanboy blabber.

phantomexe2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

If your just a Wii U owner just ignore him. How many times has nintendo been counted out and they still cut a path for there self. Not all members at EA feel this way ether. I know i'm still getting a wii u for xenoblade 2. You know what they say opinions are like assholes ever body got one.

By him i mean the EA guy.

Brasi19892148d ago

I just wish that another NFL and NCAA series game would come out besides Madden. I miss 2K.

zalanis2148d ago

i miss 2k football as well. damn, i remember when it was EA vs ACCLAIM'S Quarterback club or somethin like that.

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