Disney Unveils Ultimate Band for Wii and DS reports that yet another new band game is on the way, but with no peripherals, it doesn't sound like it will compete with Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Instead, it'll use the Wii Remote and DS stylus to play instruments.

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Intrepid3940d ago

So the Wii has/is getting
-Guitar Hero III
-Rock Band
-Battle of the Bands
-Ultimate Band

Seems like everyone is trying to cash in on the rhythm-based games.

l Drop Dead Ed l3940d ago

ugh let the band games stampede commence! Let's see what which sucka will buy which sucka game!

wiizy3940d ago

right now . im just looking forward to battle of the band by thq.

TnS3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago ) confirmed. :)

BenderDGreat823940d ago

is it wrong that I'm kind of excited about this game?? Now all they have to do is infuse it with Square characters and it'll be Kingdom Hearts Band!! I need help...badly