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Senator Gets Funded by NRA, Scapegoats Games Over Guns

When atrocities occur that shock everyone, the likelihood for members of the media or political office to capitalize on the world’s grief is simply grotesque. Still pushing the hot debate of child safety, Lamar Alexander, a Senator from Tennessee, has called video games a bigger problem than gun control. With that, the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan discuss the nature of the current political atmosphere, and the problems of societal views of gamer lifestyle. (Android, Culture, iPhone, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

doctorstrange  +   982d ago
Airport security warned to check for signs of gaming
Conzul  +   982d ago
Myesss, soon our Vitas will be contraband.
Foolsjoker  +   981d ago
Soon it will be on job applications, right under where it asks you if you have been convicted of a felony.
Wedge19  +   981d ago
Well, you're perfectly qualified for the position, but a background check has revealed that you lied on your application. We have your trophy list. We know you've been playing the video games, and recently!!
morkendo23  +   981d ago
if any of this were true Illuminati would stopped all this crap since they control the media and entertainment including video gaming developement. but since they in the business of killing people to make money it shall continue. more people kill themself and other's the more HAPPIER illuminati is.

gun control??? what a front haaaaaaaa they are behind the relentless gun supply.
dont blame congress or a senator what go's on in life. EVERYTHING!!! is controlled by illuminati blame them!!!!!
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ftwrthtx  +   982d ago
The problem arises from the thugs that have no regard for the law. Legislating video games or guns will never solve the problem.
Canary  +   982d ago
You know, I think that if assault weapons were illegal, there would be a lot fewer instances of people committing mass-shootings with assault weapons.

Sure, part of it is a social problem--we have a culture of violence in the Unite States, of which mass shootings and, to a lesser extent, violent video games and media are a symptom. No social issue can be completely solved by legislation.

But thing you have to understand is that legislation can serve as a catalyst for that necessary social change.

Did the 13th Ammendment completely solve the problems of racial inequality?

Of course not. But it helped. It helped a goddamn lot.

Gun violence is a problem in the United States, it can be minimalized through legal means. Declaring that new laws won't solve a problem like this is dangerously ignorant and irresponsible.

Sure, there will always be criminals. But there's a big difference between getting mugged by a guy with a knife versus getting mugged by a guy with an assault rifle. There's a big difference worry about getting beaten up at school versus you and twenty of your classmates getting two dozen bullets sprayed into your body.

When I say "dangerous," I damned well mean it.
morganfell  +   982d ago
When I was growing up we drove to school with hi-powered rifles across a rack in the back of your truck and parked in the school lot. No one even locked their vehicle. The guns haven't changed a great deal. We had semi-automatic pistols and rifles in those days as well. (I love how the press doesn't know the difference between semi-auto and automatic).

And you would be surprised how many of these shootings were said to have used assault weapons and actually did not.

No one was killing each other then in mass numbers as often as you see now. The guns haven't changed a great deal nor has their availability. If anything it is more difficult than the days when you could walk into a Sears & Roebuck with no permit and buy a shotgun or rifle. What has changed is our attitude toward guns and violence. As that is the case it is absurd to continue to blame the thing that hasn't changed rather than facing the facts and dealing with what has altered in our society.
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clearelite  +   982d ago
I wouldn't be quick to blame either. People should become educated and start think more before jumping to conclusions(not referring to you although I advise keeping an open mind).
I appreciate your perspective but it's a fact that some of the most dangerous places in the world have strict laws regarding these things.
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MoveTheGlow  +   982d ago
When I was your age, I flew jetpacks! Made out of assault weapons! Dodging missiles! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

Guns don't kill people, guns break Barry out of Scientist Jail and net you a ton of coins.
Conzul  +   982d ago
Throwing new laws at a problem never EVER works. It would be like if firemen were instructed to aim for the flames instead of the base.

You want a safer country? Give EVERYONE a gun and make sure that they know how to use it.

Food for thought...

"The Left loves a phantom statistic that a firearm in the hands of a citizen is X times more likely to cause accidental damage than to be used in the prevention of crime, but what is there about criminals that ensures that their gun use is accident-free? If, indeed, a firearm were more dangerous to its possessors than to potential aggressors, would it not make sense for the government to arm all criminals, and let them accidentally shoot themselves? Is this absurd? Yes, and yet the government, of course, is arming criminals."

Violence by firearms is most prevalent in big cities with the strictest gun laws. In Chicago and Washington, D.C., for example, it is only the criminals who have guns, the law-abiding populace having been disarmed, and so crime runs riot.

"we modern Solons delight in passing gun laws that, in their entirety, amount to “making crime illegal.”

"What possible purpose in declaring schools “gun-free zones”? Who bringing a gun, with evil intent, into a school would be deterred by the sign?"

"Cities of similar size in Texas, Florida, Arizona, and elsewhere, which leave the citizen the right to keep and bear arms, guaranteed in the Constitution, typically are much safer. More legal guns equal less crime. What criminal would be foolish enough to rob a gun store? But the government alleges that the citizen does not need this or that gun, number of guns, or amount of ammunition."

The police do not exist to protect the individual. They exist to cordon off the crime scene and attempt to apprehend the criminal. We individuals are guaranteed by the Constitution the right to self-defense. This right is not the Government’s to “award” us. They have never been granted it.

The so-called assault weapons ban is a hoax. It is a political appeal to the ignorant…

Will increased cosmetic measures make anyone safer? They, like all efforts at disarmament, will put the citizenry more at risk. Disarmament rests on the assumption that all people are good, and, basically, want the same things.

But if all people were basically good, why would we, increasingly, pass more and more elaborate laws?

The individual is not only best qualified to provide his own personal defense, he is the only one qualified to do so: and his right to do so is guaranteed by the Constitution."

-David Mamet
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strotee  +   982d ago
"getting mugged by a guy with an assault rifle"

I think someone watches too many movies.
dantesparda  +   981d ago
Why stop there? why not also give everyone a bazooka and some grenades while we are at it. I think guns are for pu$$ies or retards that think its cool to play with guns. And i live in the hood, if anybody needed a gun it would be me, yet i've never felt the need for a gun. When i was a kid i had a gun and the sh!t made me feel like superman, "like mess with me". Guns are just dangerous! And honestly, who the hell needs to hunt in America? get with the times
Qrphe  +   981d ago

It's all about "muh, muh freedoms!!!!"
ftwrthtx  +   981d ago
For those that thing gun control is the answer, look at Chicago and Detroit. Most gun control laws with the highest gun violence rates.

SMH at ignorant and naive folks who think gun control works.
I don't see how people don't understand this. The only thing gun laws do is take guns away from responsible people. It does nothing to stop criminals. It's just more laws for them to break. They don't care what the law says.... that's why they're called criminals. So while law abiding citizens are giving up their rights to defend themselves, criminals are still doing what they do. Gun laws are just making it easier for them to do it.
Hicken  +   981d ago
"Gun control" does not mean "gun ban."

"Gun ban" means "gun ban."

More to the point, it doesn't matter how many or how few gun control laws you have if it's not enforced.

What's more, it's not like it would work alone, anyway. But then, getting illegal guns off the streets and out of the hands of criminals is STILL gun control.

Sorry, but as a black man, there are places I wouldn't go if EVERYONE had a gun. I WOULD go to the places most thought of as harboring criminals and such, though. In such areas, they'd actually be LESS likely to use the guns; out in some backwater county, though, I'd just as likely be shot and left for dead. And, unfortunately, our current state of affairs with various nations in the Middle East means people of my skin color aren't the only ones who'd be subject to such twitch reactions, either.

And still, this isn't really about pistols, which are most often used for home and personal defense, but semi-automatic rifles. Is there something wrong with trying to keep stricter regulations on these guns?

Edit: It's a comical take, but here's why "gun control" currently doesn't work(as alienmgr says):

Part 1 http://www.facebook.com/l.p...

Part 2 http://www.facebook.com/l.p...

It's similar to how Lamar Alexander says video games are a bigger problem than guns, while being biased TOWARDS guns. If people who are PRO-GUNS are in office, what are the odds of any meaningful laws to restrict or regulate guns either being passed or enforced?
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ftwrthtx  +   981d ago
@Hicken Why should law abiding citizens be restricted? I understand limiting full auto and the like, but there's nothing wrong with owning a semi-auto rifle.

As for enforcing current laws, they can't seem to get that through their heads and they think passing MORE laws is the answer.
MikeMyers  +   981d ago
Why do they sell armor piercing bullets? The problem is the laws that were set in place were created a long time ago. There is no need for automatic or even semi-automatic firearms. You have a right to defend yourself and the right to hunt but that doesn't explain why we have firearms that have become legal that can take down an entire army.
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aliengmr  +   981d ago
How can it when the NRA does everything they can to gut the ability to enforce the regulations the vast majority are in favor of.

Currently in the US you can amass a massive arsenal legally and without anyone knowing about it. "Gun Control" hasn't worked because its never actually been tried.

I have to register to play a game but not to buy a weapon.
IaMs12  +   981d ago
Do you guys realize that these assault rifles you are wanting to ban are NOT machine guns? Fully automatic machine guns are already illegal or under strict watch for those who apply to own one. Most people look at the AR-15 and are immediately afraid of it because it has a militaristic look to it. But show a .306 and its okay. The assault rifle ban is stupid and pointless piece of legislation and they should be concentrating on other things besides regulating our rights. The U.S. has already had an assault rifle ban before and look what happened? It had no impact of anything so Clinton administration repealed it.

I honestly think the average person and the mass is just uneducated about guns. They see movies, games, and these unfortunately shootings and immediately think its the guns fault. Its simply not, its the person behind it. If people were more educated about these weapons, i don't think they would be as afraid anymore and would actually pick one up to protect themselves with.
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DwightOwen  +   981d ago
Actually, the Brady Bill wasn't repealed, but rather it expired in 2004 during George Bush's first term, but yeah, it didn't do squat to protect those kids at Columbine in '99.
MoveTheGlow  +   982d ago
Lamar Alexander is still alive? The fact that he can still talk coherently is a feat of modern science! He may actually be a splicer, to tell you the truth.

Actually, that would explain a lot... maybe he's running this incredibly stupid anti-game campaign because he doesn't want anyone to play Bioshock and learn his deep, dark secret...
Conzul  +   982d ago
Someone needs to pull a Would You Kindly on him.
miyamoto  +   982d ago
Oh the Bitter Irony!

This old men point the gun at violent games as the culprit for massacres yet every year the United Stupid Armed Forces keep on pumping money to fund military & space marine shooters to recruit as many young Americans as possible to die in their war economy. What a circus show they are putting up! That is American gun control for you.
thehitman  +   981d ago
I think the best way to fix the gun problem in the long term is treat guns just like we treat cars. To own and use a gun you have to be properly trained. There should be gun places where you are trained to use a gun properly in what situations best to use one and the person must know all gun laws in your state before buying one. That way people can actually be also background checked properly before a gun is put in their hands trainers can also see if a person is sorta crazy and they have ill intentions to use one before giving out a gun license.

I believe the more educated people are about something the less of a threat it becomes. Blaming videogames for gun violence is kinda dumb people been shooting each other before violent games existed.
ftwrthtx  +   981d ago
Driving a car is a privilege. Owning a gun is a right. Big difference.

Education should be the key, for both games and guns.
thehitman  +   981d ago
There isnt a big difference. Just because you have a right to something doesnt mean that right shouldnt be regulated. 2nd amendment says we have a right to bear arms but doesnt say anywhere that people should be able to just buy a gun and any type of gun and use it anywhere they want and kill anyone they want. You buy and use a gun and kill somebody with it there are responsibilities and consequences.

Going through a proper system in pursuing the ownership of a gun doesnt infringe on anyone rights to actually own one as long as they do it the right way. Our gun system is a joke, old and the constant killing of people who shouldnt have guns in the first place shows by the increase in deaths we have each year.
ShinMaster  +   981d ago
Not if you're using common sense.

Firearms are a lot more dangerous than driving a car since their only purpose is to fire bullets which are lethal. If we have to go through tests to acquire a drivers' license then it makes even more sense for people to have some form of minimal training/education and pass test to own a firearm.
IaMs12  +   981d ago
I agree, education is a huge factor.


The problem is though not everybody has common sense. Its quite ironic how common sense is not that common at all.
aliengmr  +   981d ago
All this talk about rights and keep wondering where all the 2nd amendment defenders were when the Patriot Act was signed.

Government wasn't coming after your guns, it was too busy reading your email. Yay freedom!
Furesis  +   981d ago
there's always other ways to get guns..and many other things so..
solar  +   981d ago
politics, just like Obama said the middle class wont see higher taxes, yet my taxes went up $1000 this year. all politicians lie. i hate them all.
jakmckratos  +   981d ago
You have our shitty right leaning Congress to blame for that sir.
DwightOwen  +   981d ago
Right-leaning? Two-thirds of the government is controlled by Democrats and has been since 2006.
KrisButtar  +   981d ago
Have a look at this article: http://www.presstv.ir/usdet...

From the day the Sandyhook tragedy took place to the 18th of January (1 month) more than 1,000 people were killed by gunfire in the US. Here are a couple more quotes from this article: 

"In one year on average, almost 100,000 people in America are shot or killed with a gun." 

"The U.S. averages 87 gun deaths each day as a function of gun violence, with an average of 183 injured, according to the University of Chicago Crime Lab and the Centers for Disease Control. The crime lab’s research estimates the annual cost of gun violence to society at $100 billion." 

"Over a million people have been killed with guns in the United States since 1968, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated." 

"Among 23 populous, high-income countries, 80% of all firearm deaths occurred in the United States." 

"The slaughter of children by gunfire in the United States is 25 times the rate of the 20 next largest industrial countries in the world combined." 

Those are some absolutely shocking statistics, especially that last one. Yeah, video games are a bigger problem than guns. SMH.

Someone else wrote this I just copy pasted it, looking at those stats I kinda feel bad for americians as those are some crazy numbers
jakmckratos  +   981d ago
I forgot how 20 children were murdered and found with shards of Call of Duty and Halo discs in their bodies. Oh wait those were actual bullets. Y'know because people NEED to have 5 effing guns in this country CAUSE ITS THEIR RIGHT!!! At the end of the day yes that guy prob used video games as a facet for whatever dark fantasies he had in his head but those people were shot with actual factual guns. Maybe it's not the case of looking at the cause rather than the fact that any sick f**k can get their hands on it with as much ease as Lanza or Holmes did. Maybe it's time to step up who can actually get a gun. You should have the right but you should have to earn it, and it should be easily taken away should you fail any part of the responsibility necessary to keep a WEAPON..it's not just property. It's a WEAPON..used to kill and wound actual factual people. That is it's only physical function. That's what it is designed to do and it is very good at that..and much scarier accessible.

Rant over. Leave video games alone. I love Sly Cooper but you dont see me jumpin willy nilly to and fro rooftops stealing animals treasures dressed as a raccoon. Do ya?
Conzul  +   981d ago
I guess we should also start having black people be slaves one day per week and stop letting women vote all the time...I mean we all know a woman can't be right, right?

Do you realize how stupid you sound?

The freedoms afforded us by the Constitution are broad and may not be infringed. They exist to protect us, not to harm us. To infringe something is to put a limit or stipulation on it. You may think, *Oh, it's great that there's less gun crime now*, but it won't stop there. Our leaders, seeing that we did not oppose infringements upon one of the Amendments, will start working on the others.

Go read Animal Farm.
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ftwrthtx  +   981d ago
Gun control doesn't equal less crime. Look at Detroit, Chicago and D.C.
jakmckratos  +   977d ago
Im truly sick of people like you..holding on to the 2nd amendment like you are losing a limb.Do you realize you people sound like cry baby hicks who are hanging on to this idea so they can have big guns to get hard. You already can't buy an AK-47 or an RPG..Im sure people like you would if they could but you don't need them to accomplish a task. A rifle is fine for you to go hunting. A handgun with 7 shots is more than enough to protect your house from a robber. If you have TRUE need for heavier firepower chances are you're already involved in something illegal.

Tell me exactly why you need a rifle that can carry 20 rounds and pump them out with high power at a high rate. The only reason you need one is if your planning to assault a dangerous and/or large group of combatants. You can like shooting those types of guns. Im sure Id like shooting them to. But I don't need to. A lot of Americans do not need to. But we all have to put up with these things being attainable because a a percentage of our population make a stink about how their rights are being taken away.If you have a real want there's specialty gun ranges you can go to. Or hey! Join the military!

Funny you talk about slavery like it's always been illegal. All land owning men had the right to own them at the beginning of our country. Then that changed. It presented a clear detriment to people's life and pursuit of happiness. Much like how everybody has to worry whether they're a parent sitting at work with a first grader in a school or a movie viewer in a theater. People will always fall through the crack but the fact it's so easily obtainable is disgusting. Im not against owning a gun..Im against owning ones that aren't made for just protection or hunting..that's why that amendment is there bud..we were living in times when people had no clue who or what could have shown up at their door and we had a vastly inferior law enforcement..not so pa and the boys can go slam some brews and shoot off their Bushmasters at the gun range and talk about how wet your new beretta makes you. Im being facetious here ..Im sure your a purely respectable American and good for you for having a cause but Im more in the belief that everybody deserves a better chance for pursuing happiness over a few people being inconvenienced in the weaponry you can buy.

There's already limits on the 2nd Amendment. Go try to buy a fully automatic weapon. Why don't you cry about why we can't own that and our military can?

I read Animal Farm in 10th grade. All animals are equal but some are more equal than others...if you had your way I would argue gun-toting extremists got their way and their wants exceeded the actual need for us to be a little less flagrant about how we go about guns in our country. You would be more equal in that scenario.

DOn't get me wrong..I know of the corruption our Government is capable of and several of the things it has done. But I also don't see how needing semi automatic assault weapons will stop that. Are you really telling me the government acts how they do because they are afraid if they slip up they will get iced by people with ARs. Give me a break.
ziggurcat  +   981d ago
"Senator Gets Funded by NRA, Scapegoats Games Over Guns"

get paid by NRA, and ****-talk video games instead of guns? that's unheard of...

TechOne  +   981d ago
Next they will want a background check for buying video games.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   981d ago
That senator is scared of being primaried if he doesnt vote in favor of the NRA.
Nevers0ft  +   981d ago
For all you people decrying this Senators opinion... How many of you have jumped on somebody's head until gold coins spilled out of them? I know I have.

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