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Are Weak Wii U Sales a Bellwether of Shifting Game Demographics?

Nintendo expects to sell fewer Wii U and 3DS units than originally claimed, according to reports this morning. The company says it sold three million Wii U units through December, but slashed its forecast of 5.5 million Wii U units sold by the end of March to just four million in all. On the Wii U software side, Nintendo is now forecasting 16 million units in the same timeframe, a number that’s down by roughly a third from original expectations. (Industry, Mobile, Nintendo, Wii U)

PopRocks359  +   790d ago
Oh great, more of this crappy rhetoric.

The sales have been adequate, decent or otherwise just okay. NOT. POOR. Get that freaking straight. This thing is selling at a minor loss at a considerably higher than normal price in a faulty economy, AND it sold faster than its competition's predecessors in the first two months.
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live2play  +   790d ago
dont worry man
let them say all these things about wiiu

once the far more expensive ps and xbox hit and experience far less sales

we will have even more to rub in their faces
JP1369  +   790d ago
Why do you even have to bring the other console makers into this? This always happens. A console doesn't meet expectations, and then there's a flood of articles predicting the death of the console and possibly the manufacturer.
As to your claim that the other consoles will fail because of price, you have to consider the factor of perceived value. Myself, I think the Wii U is an interesting console and I would love to play some of the games that were just shown at Nintendo Direct. However, I'm not willing to pay the price Ninty is currently asking for it. The PS4, that's another story. As long as it's close to being as powerful as the rumors are saying, I'd gladly pay $400-$500 for it, especially since my favorite game series are either exclusive to Sony or are multiplatform. It's up to Sony and Microsoft to do what Nintendo currently isn't; convincing the average consumer that their product is worth the price of admission. Nintendo's failure has no effect on the potential success of the others. Quite the contrary, as the Wii U may not be seen as a true step forward in the eyes of your less informed gamers, who then might have decided to wait to see what the others come up with in terms of hardware.
Oh, and if anyone is rubbing anything in anyone's faces, it'll be those of us on hardware that can technologically be referred to as next gen.
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Donnieboi  +   790d ago
U need to relax buddy. Nowhere did it ever say that Wii U's sales were poor. In fact, if u do a word search, the word poor is never equated to the Wii U's sales. However, it's sales ARE low. And the article makes a strong point when it says that the casual demographic that sold the wii no longer applies to the wii u. Which is a fact since the wii was hardly ever catered to anyone but casuals.

Try reading the article next time before you let your Ninty fanboyisms get the best of you again.
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Chidori  +   790d ago
Saying the sales are "low" or "weak" is what I don't understand. It's a few hundred thousands short of what the Wii did, which was expected. The Wii was something new. A fresh idea. What it accomplished won't be matched for a very long time..if ever. Those few hundred thousand people are probably too busy with their smart phones to care about a Wii U right now. Nintendo will probably convince them to purchase a Wii U sometime in the future instead. I understand Nintendo has set the bar extremely high for themselves, but to call the current sales of the system "weak" and "low" is baffling to me. It's selling better than the 360 and Ps3 did at launch, and I'm sure it will be the same with the ps4 and nextbox. That's not a bad thing. It's simply a fact that Nintendo has the casuals on their side and that's where the money is.

If you haven't realized, this site has been plagued by Nintendo doom articles and fanboys supporting them regardless of whatever the case may be. It's cool to bash Nintendo right now. Just check the articles. Any sort of Nintendo support shown is sure to be downvoted the most. Patcher has always been scorned and despised for everything he said by this community, but now all of sudden he knows what he's talking about and people are agreeing with him? Lol it's most pathetic. It was the same story with the 3ds. It's DOOMED. SALES ARE LOW. NINTENDO ARE DOOMED. But look how that turned out. The people defending Nintendo have every right to do so because of the current state of this community. There's no sense of rationalism remaining.
3rdDimension  +   790d ago
@ Chidori,

You my friend, speak the truth!

People are jumping all over the damn hate band wagon. The system is roughly 3 months old and people are already calling it a failure. This happend with the DS, Wii and 3Ds.

Fast forward to today and we see the same thing.

Whats really funny is that once the system starts selling, no one will acknowledge all the doom and gloom they all so vehemently agreed on. Just look at the 3ds. Where are all those people who said the system was going to fail? Especially against the PS Vita. They are all quiet as a church mouse!
PopRocks359  +   790d ago

Yeah clearly my fanboyism blinded myself to the correlation between "weak sales" and "poor sales". God, what a joke of a response.
ABizzel1  +   790d ago
Well the Wii-U hasn't had any of it's big franchsies release on the console or even be shown for that matter.

When a new Mario, Zelda, Pokemon (if ever), Super Smash Bros., & Metorid all hit the Wii-U then we can say if it's going to be a success of not.

I seriously doubt the Wii-U is going to have the same success and appeal as the Wii did, simply because the mass appeal just isn't there like the Wii had (although I wasn't on that hype train).

So I think Nintendo will be disappointed in their lifetime sales compared to the Wii, and will try to focus on getting that same Wii type appeal during their next console. However, I think the Wii-U will be the core console gamers have wanted from Nintendo since the N64 (gamecube was great, but N64 was the last great 3rd party supporter), and hopefully that's something NIntendo tries to keep from now on.
insomnium2  +   790d ago
There is a Mario game out already isn't there...?
Protagonist  +   789d ago
What about New Super Mario Bros. U
ABizzel1  +   789d ago
New Super Mario isn't Mario 3D.
SDF Repellent  +   790d ago
The bigger concern with the Wii U is that when the X720 and PS4 are released, it will not be able to keep up with the ports to match those 2 monster consoles and it will be the Wii all over again. Developers will ignore their big franchises and Nintendo will have to resort to Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda to save their console.
Chidori  +   790d ago
That's a good thing. If it really is a problem, it's as simple as buying another console. Less fanboys around the better.
MEsoJD  +   790d ago
because people have the money and space for a bunch of consoles...
Chidori  +   790d ago
@MEsoJD So why complain about a lack of releases if you don't plan on buying a new game every month. The Wii had several good titles released within the 6 years of it's life, but they didn't come out every month though. If you spend more than $100 every month on games, I'm pretty darn sure you can afford to support more than one console. Only these type of gamers are permitted to complain about Nintendo's lack of 3rd party support. But they already own the other consoles too. And if they don't, they should. Problem solved. You now have the world of video games at your disposal. People complain anyway without no real reason. Gotta love the internet.

It would be silly purchasing a Nintendo console expecting a constant flow of high quality 3rd party game releases. This is a business. All these 3rd party publishers care about is your money. Why release an exclusive for one console (the wii) when you have a much wider market to appeal to through the 360 and ps3 with a multiplatform game.

Mr. Donnieboi above is full out bashing Iwata for the new direction he lead Nintendo in after the gamecube in another article... Which btw probably saved the company from suffering the same fate as Sega after the Dreamcast. Why hate the man for that? His job is to keep profits coming in at the company, and hell he's done a FANTASTIC job. You people love when people keep their jobs right? Well Iwata is the reason for thousands of employees still being employed and new employees coming in all the time at Nintendo. Without him, Nintendo wouldn't have the money to pay them all. But I guess it doesn't matter since it's Nintendo. SMH.
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3rdDimension  +   790d ago
This is such a weird argument people have. They complain about a lack of games yet they would not by more then a few titles within a couple of months.

It's like this silly vibe in that people feel better about knowing that a system has a lot of games even though they would never buy said quantities of games. This makes them feel comfortable about their investment, but at the same times, it's stupid because they would never buy that amount.

If I could use the analogy, it's like feeling good about owning a suped up sports car all the while you live in the city where you could never drive at the car's intended speed yet you argue that other cars are slow in comparison.
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G-cis  +   790d ago
pokemon >you dont know what you`re talking about
shadylove  +   790d ago
can someone explain something to me, the wii u is not sold out in stores i think its doing pretty bad, but i keep reading that the sales of the ps3 and xbox 360 were worse, im sry but i couldnt find a ps3 for 6 months after it came out...
3rdDimension  +   790d ago
It's all about supply. Considering that both those systems where not cheap (and had multiple hardware issues), those two consoles were not produced as abundantly as the Wii U.

So naturally with more systems out there, the perception is that they are not moving at all.
dubt72  +   790d ago
Couldn't find a PS3 for six months??? I was a video game store manager and I can count on one hand the number of days we were sold out of it in the first six months! Wow...
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Summons75  +   790d ago
3mil = weak??? Wow, either the media is scratching for excuses or the bar of bad and good has raised really high within the last gen

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