Killzone: Mercenary – new gameplay footage

Killzone: Mercenary may have the graphical grunt Vita owners have been waiting for. Forget cinematics and check out the Helghast doing their thing in-game in this new footage.

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LOGICWINS1777d ago

I didn't believe that this would be on par with Killzone 3 graphically, then I see this. ASTOUNDING!

The_Devil_Hunter1777d ago

Me TOO! I just dont want to wait until SeptEMBER!!

blitz06231777d ago

There is only 1 thing I hate about this game.
Its release date :(

BrunoM1777d ago

Holy fuk these is Going to be the standard to any fps on any portable system for sure ... Looks fun would love to see some MP

Divine1777d ago

This is "Quality" . this is a trueee "next generation" portable. I think we can all agree that this game looks better than "everything" on the past gen wii u. Why waste time and currency on a wii u when you can get a vita with quality far superior to that of the wii u. The wii u can't compare or live up to such standards and its supposed to be a console? I cant wait for this game and i will have it at release some way or another Its amazing. . .

Ezz20131777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

lol it's not on par with killzone 3 gfx nor even killzone 2 ...let's not say things that are not true

but i will say this
it's the best looking hand-held game i have ever seen

MastaMold1777d ago

Killzone fan here, seriously I cant wait

Sent from my PS Vita

morganfell1777d ago games are the future....

Where are the people that were making those statements?


The name of this game says it all. The series has proven itself in terms of graphics on any "KILL ZONE"

- Medium "kill zone" ( on regular TVs with Killzone 2 on PS2) --> Check

- Large "kill zone" (on FULL HD TVs with Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 on PS3) --> Check

- Tiny "kill zone" (on 5 inches OLED screen with Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita) --> Check

- Ultra large "kill zone" (on Ultra HD TVs with Killzone 4 on PS4) --> NO NEED to check

LOGICWINS1777d ago

"lol it's not on par with killzone 3 gfx nor even killzone 2 ...let's not say things that are not true"

But it CAN be. Remember, the game doesn't come out till September.

BattleAxe1777d ago

I think I finally know when I'll be picking up a Playstation Vita :D

kupomogli1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )


I'm not a fan of Nintendo either, but your comment makes Playstation fans look bad.

Killzone Mercenary isn't better looking than everything on the Wii U. It's not even the best looking Vita game. Does Uncharted Golden Abyss no longer exist? Killzone Mercenaries has a massive lack of detail and poor textures in comparison to Golden Abyss.

X or Xenoblade 2's recent trailer for the Wii U looks amazing and if graphics really mean that much to you, then it puts Killzone Mercenaries to shame. This and Super Smash Bros are the reason I'm going to pick up a Wii U in the future. Well. That and the fact that I passed on the Wii so I'll use it for WIi games as well. MY

Not only that. Black Ops 2's graphics put those Killzone Mercenaries graphics to shame. Doesn't mean Mercenaries isn't going to be better. Black Ops 2's story mode was awful. Who plays Call of Duty for story anyways?

specialguest1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

That is some really nice graphics. When watching the video, I didn't realized I had the res at 360p, yet I thought it was good for a handheld. After changing the youtube res to 720p, it was simply amazing.

The only thing that seems to not be on the same level are all of that post-processing effects from the KZ console games. However, the game is still being developed and all of that might be added later.

Septic1777d ago

Looks incredible.

The crotch takedown.....ouch!

Irishguy951777d ago

Kupo...try not to use logic or anything here. Most people on this site can't even see the difference between Golden Abyss and Uncharted 1( which is extremely noticable). Just....say something to please people like

"Wow this was amazing, Ps3 game in my hands"

Even though your just sorta disrespecting the console version when you say that.

insomnium21776d ago

I think this Irishguy kid (I say kid cause of the 95) has some attitude problems. I cannot understand why anyone would come on this site at all if they hated it like this guy seems to do.

Ontopic. This game looks badass.

starchild1776d ago

Yeah, imagine what these guys could accomplish on the PS4!

While not really up to the level of Killzone 3 or Killzone 2, it does look fairly close in a general way and is an astounding bar-raising accomplishment for handheld graphics.

Rush1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Am sorry but doesn't look nearly as good as KZ2 or 3 everything is far lower res, it looks amazing for a mobile platform game but come on you guys are lying to yourselves if you think it compares to the latest console shooters.

Not that I expect any common sense from this community, but stop bigging it up for something it's not.

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JoGam1777d ago

OMG... This is the Vita. OMG

The_Devil_Hunter1777d ago

Finally some real FPS action in my hands!

Pixel_Enemy1777d ago

Exactly... Tried Resistance and COD for vita and both sucked. Killzone looks like it won't be dropping the ball but setting the bar instead.

UltraVegito1777d ago


Was abit skeptical about this but just,hot damn.

gaffyh1777d ago

Same here, i was expecting a lazy port like COD BLOPS but this looks incredible, definitely buying this.

adorie1777d ago

I hate the over-used word "amazing" mainly because Kim Kardashian throws it around and comes off as generic, Also because of romance-comedies,however..

My point is the graphics displayed here for Kill Zone:Mercenaries is just that. Amazing. I think this game has the graphics crown for fully blown hand-held game and even puts some console games to shame. LOL!

I didn't know the vita was this capable. Now. I do.

a_bro1777d ago

i guess you havent seen the MGS4 cutscene running on the vita....

clearelite1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Sony (and Guerilla Cambridge) has me thoroughly surprised. Hopefully they will surprise me again by marketing the heck out of it, which would probably guarantee Vita's success, and provide us with lots of people to play online for a long time.

I wanted to be mad at you for mentioning so and so, however, your comment is spot on.

Snookies121777d ago

@a_bro - Ah, sorry about that, meant to put an agree, but I accidentally hit disagree. Curse N4G for not letting you change that...

Man though, if anyone can do something beyond belief it's Kojima. Watch him put out an MGS game on Vita that rivals MGS4 in graphics. Not to say Killzone isn't amazing looking. It really is for a handheld. However, I'm sure the Vita can be pushed even further.

skyrimer1777d ago

I couldn't agree more. Suddenly Phantom Pain on Vita doesn't look impossible anymore.

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j-blaze1777d ago

"on par with Killzone 3 graphically"

wow i mean....never mind

visually it looks ok for a handheld, gameplay is bad and slow, don't know why ppl overreacting and some faking excitement about it, i mean chill ppl it's just another fps game -_-

jony_dols1777d ago

'visually it looks ok for a handheld'

Nullifies your post.

Zechs341777d ago

Foolish trolls.

If it was Halo 5, you'd be foaming at the mouth instead of saying, oh its just another shooter.

GTFO. You dont even like Sony, why you here?

JP13691777d ago

Look at his post history. He's one of those nerds that thinks Japanese devs make the "BEST GAMES EVAR!!!!", even though most of them are corny, poorly written and bound to archaic traditions. Said games are made for horny dweebs that love to see (fake) teenage girls in provocative clothing. You know, little virgins like j-blaze.

Riderz13371777d ago

"i mean chill ppl it's just another fps game -_-"

Got you on the record. I'll be watching your reaction to the next Xbox exclusive FPS.

Karpetburnz1777d ago

Funny thing is, Killzone for Vita still has better graphics than Halo 4.

Snookies121777d ago

@JP1369 - Yeah, and you saying, "one of those nerds that thinks Japanese devs make the best games ever." makes YOUR comment null and void. Everyone has a preference, just because you may not love Japanese games doesn't mean his opinion is invalid. Calling someone a nerd because of their likes simply shows that you're immature. I remember when people used to think playing ANY game was nerdy. We all play games here, no reason to ostracize others because of their taste when we all have the same hobby...

JP13691776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

I was trolling the troll. That much should have been pretty obvious given the nature of my post. Personally, I do like a lot of Japanese games. Having said that, I'm don't limit myself to just one genre, or just one culture. I like to play games, period. And yeah, the people that do that kind of thing are exhibiting a level of obsessive behavior that I find pathetic. The only reason I chose to say something is because one person in particular seems to like coming into articles about games he clearly hates, just so he can be a whiny contrarian. I got sick of it and gave him back some of his negative and neurotic energy.
P.S. Refrain from using all caps to show emphasis. It's part of the nuance of the language and anyone with an intellect that could even be called average is meant to understand on their own.

Sandmano1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

faking excitment? For who? You? Im really excited becase no its not just another FPS its a current gen quality game on a handheld. People have the right to be excited because we havent seen anything like this before.

Did you up your youtube quality to HD!? Thats the only explanation for your post.

kenshiro1001776d ago

...Why are you here telling people not to be excited for a game that they're excited about?

What's your problem, seriously?

DigitalRaptor1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

What exactly is "faking excitement"??

You said the same thing about The Last of Us, but why would someone fake their excitement? I just think you can't deal with the fact that people like something that's exclusively on PS3 and/or isn't Japanese-developed, and that the rest of the world don't share your restricted tastes.

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Godmars2901777d ago

If prior KZ entries offered the kind of gameplay this one suggest, occasional options in a fight instead of raging firefights, the series would be regarded higher than it is.

TheUndertaker851776d ago

It's called advancement. Some games do that you know. If past KZ games did what this one does, others like you would be bitching that it didn't do something newer.

MrCrimson1776d ago

I just hate shooters that run at 30FPS.

kikizoo1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

it's not on par with the ps3 masterpiece (if you can see the games on the same screen), but better than anything on others consoles.

shackdaddy1776d ago

It looks amazing for a portable game but not even close to KZ3 imo.

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Riderz13371777d ago



JoGam1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )


Its like every since the famous CG video Guerilla games has something to prove. Every Game since then looks amazing.

The_Devil_Hunter1777d ago

Too bad they cant hear you all the way down there making mobile games! Lol.

solidjun51777d ago

Holy Cow Batman, this looks good!