Tearaway's lead designer Rex Crowle lifts the lid on Media Molecule's upcoming PS Vita exclusive

Pocket Gamer's Kristan Reed writes: "If you've been holding back on buying a PS Vita and waiting for that elusive must-have game, you might want to pay attention to Media Molecule's Tearaway.

Developed by the maker of the phenomenal LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway is a title of breathtaking originality, which is all set to get the most out of Sony's more-than-capable handheld console.

We had the chance to visit the Guildford-based studio last week and sat down with the game's lead designer, Rex Crowle, to find out more about the game that could yet save
the PS Vita".

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boybato1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )


you'll be amazed. lol

sooo.... who still does not want a vita?

JoGam1664d ago

But the Vita has no games. We all know this. Ignore Tearaway, Killzone and everything else coming out this year for Vita. Smh

Rivitur1664d ago

1 sec allow me to ignore Persona 4 and Gravity Rush as well... -_-

skyrimer1663d ago

You also forgot Soul Sacrifice, unforgivable

ThanatosDMC1664d ago

There's nothing on that link.

Protagonist1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

2013 for the PSVITA looks amazing.

majiebeast1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

The animation is amazing. I really think they first made the levels and monsters with papercraft before making them in game.

Opm preview

You hear all that yelling its Nintendo fans coming for your blood.

GribbleGrunger1664d ago

I'm going to say it: Media Molecule are the new Shigeru Miyamoto

Genuine-User1664d ago

I was meant to agree! Damn you touchscreen. Lol

miyamoto1663d ago

Only Sony

have the initiative to even think about this new original games that will keep gaming from being more of the same year after year.

skyrimer1663d ago

I think so too, this is the kind of game we came to expect from Nintendo or good ol' Rare, but Nintendo lately can't think out of Mario and Rare is dead in MS hands.

mayberry1664d ago

My Vita arrives soon! This and the amazing games on ps+ look like a win!

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