Hands-on with Tearaway, Media Molecule's upcoming Vita exclusive - Pocket Gamer

Pocket Gamer's Kristan Reed writes: "It's never been in doubt that the PS Vita is a fantastic piece of kit with some decent games. But, how many of those games can be classed as true system sellers? Hardly any. While the Vita is home to a long list of fantastic ports, the one thing it has lacked right from the start is a group of outstanding titles designed specifically for the console by one of its star studios. A game like Tearaway, in fact"

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KangarooSam1817d ago

Probably my most anticipated game this year. Second only to The Last of Us.

CommonSenseGamer1817d ago

I am so looking forward to the last of us. Naughty Dog had me at Crash Bandicoot on PS1!

Freak of Nature1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

It certainly is one of my most anticipated. This is the very definition of "outside of the box"...

MM can do no wrong. Really special, looks stylish and as far from generic as it gets. Game play looks like a cross of LBP and that plumber from Nintendo...

customization is another nice factor in this original up coming title.

With this and the soon to be announced other new IP from MM I am very excited...

dafegamer1817d ago

the creators have admitted that it was inspired by the zelda and mario series

Freak of Nature1817d ago


I never heard that, really? Wow no wonder they were saying it is extremely ambititious. I cannot wait to see what they have cooking with it...

Long live MM...

dafegamer1816d ago

yeah there was an article from last years preview by 1UP were the devs said that mario and zelda series, was one of their main inspiration for this game. So you can expect some cool dungeons and puzzles from this game, with excellent level design

Donnieboi1817d ago

When's it coming out? I need something to play on my vita while I wait for killzone mercenaries to release in september

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CommonSenseGamer1817d ago

Exactly what the Vita needed. A true Vita exclusive that is a true showcase for the platform. It still won't sway me to get a Vita for myself but if Sony markets this right then it should result in increased Vita sales.

Minato-Namikaze1817d ago

I swear i just was telling my friend about this game like 10 minutes ago, lol

Acquiescence1817d ago

Tearaway is really living up to my expectations right now based on that footage; so much about it from the art style to the setting to the gameplay is so inventive and downright charming. Plus it's a 3D platformer made by Media Molecule! All I need now is a finalised release date.

remanutd551816d ago

Release date thats all i need now.