Mass Effect 3 Patch 1.05 Comes out Tonight, Has Two Fixes

It’s not too much to be excited about, but BioWare has announced that patch 1.05 will be making its way to Mass Effect 3 tonight at around midnight on PS3s.

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Wedge192143d ago

"Hey! Remember us? Remember this game? Umm, here's some fixes! Play it again! There's nothing else new and awesome coming out! You don't have a huge backlog already! Guys? Guys....?"

dbjj120882143d ago

Glad to see they're still supporting the game. It easily had the best multiplayer of any game last year.

Skate-AK2143d ago

Tons of people still play the multiplayer on PS3. I've only played a lil.

2143d ago
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