Ubisoft is no longer working on Osiris

OnlySP writes:

Yesterday, we showed you guys some motion-capture footage for an unannounced and promising Ubisoft game called Osiris. As it turns out, however, Ubisoft is apparently no longer working on the project and has since abandoned it.

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hiredhelp2146d ago

And another one bites the dust

M4I0N32146d ago

just love this song :)

PockyKing2146d ago

At least Ubisoft came out right away and made a statement on it rather than letting people just believe it was something it's not haha.

pr0t0typeknuckles2146d ago

kind of sad it would have been cool to see an egyptian set game, it would have been fresh compared to every thing else because theres only one game set in egypt that was good that i played and that was sphinx and the cursed mummy, but hey maybe well get another assassians creed hey guys, yeah that seems like an even better idea,scrap the egyptian game, put prince of persia on pause and forget all about the 2008 game, keep beyond good and evil in development hell, but you can always use more ASSASSIANS CREED YEAH!!!!!

Breadcrab2146d ago

Sad news. There's a distinct lack of games set in Ancient Egypt, and this looked like it was shaping up to be a great one.

Relientk772146d ago

Very true, would love to see a great game set in Ancient Egypt

Unztayble2146d ago

lol! I just caught the mocap trailer a little while ago and now I see this news.

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The story is too old to be commented.