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Submitted by Orpheus 1108d ago | rumor

NVIDIA GeForce Titan Is Not GTX 780 – Performance Surpasses GTX 690

A bucket load of rumors have hit the net with various chinese forums leaking details of NVIDIA’s upcoming flagship mammoth ‘GeForce Titan’. The NVIDIA GeForce Titan was leaked only a week ago showing that it NVIDIA would be launching a GK110 based consumer GPU at a price point of $899. (NVIDIA, PC)

Hard to tell
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Orpheus  +   1108d ago
Oh the holy !!!
ATi_Elite  +   1107d ago
This is Nvidia's Pro Graphics and compute card for doing Auto-Cad, Dev stuff, and High end Rendering stuff.

also it acts as a Compute card to do massive calculations.

It is NOT a every day Gamers Graphics card!
BrianG  +   1108d ago
Ok, here is my problem with the rumor. The rumors started saying that this new Titan card would achieve about 85% of the power a 690 has, which a lot more believable than the card being more powerful than a dual GPU that just launched the previous gen.

I can't possible believe the info in it because they mention AMD's HD 8000 series. Which for anyone who follows tech news for computer hardware knows that the HD 8000 series is already available Q1 2013 for OEM parts. For companies like Dell, Alienware (owned by Dell), HP, and other computer manufacturing companies. The HD 8000 series is not the next level of consumer GPU's from AMD.

End of rant.
Orpheus  +   1108d ago
What you have said may verily be true. But 8800 ULTRA did outperform the dual chip 7950GTX
jmc8888  +   1107d ago
Maybe, but it isn't unheard of that Q1 launches are moved to Q2. OEM's usually get them first, and it's possible the OEM's get them very late Q1 and stores/new egg get them early-mid Q2.

I don't understand what you mean about the 8000 series unless you think they're changing the nomenclature for its next line. Their current series is the 7000 series.

This is still a big rumor, and I do share some skepticism since when the pro cards were released the numbers shown made it incompatible with gaming in any significant way compared to their GTX line, it is an intriguing possibility if it can.

It'll be interesting to see how an ATI 8000 series (or whatever it's named) measures up to the rumored power of the Titan. Though if that is it's name it better be powerful like they said or else the name is a waste and bad idea.
BrianG  +   1106d ago
The reason I said that about the 8000 series comes down to the specs.

If you look at the specs, the high end 8000 series cards are re-brands of the high end 7000 series cards. Nothing different. The low end 8000 series cards are re-brands from even older generations.

They would be selling old hardware with a new name if they released it to the general public for sale after making it available as OEM parts.

And remember skipping a branding generation happened before. Look at the GTX 300 series, it only exists as OEM re-brands.
ThatGuy2  +   1108d ago
THAT GPU IS A BEAST!!!I have a gtx680 and ill wait about another 4 or so years before i buy a new gpu.....
FlyingFoxy  +   1108d ago
My problem with Nvidia is when they release those rediculously overpriced (mars?) cards that cost £800 (around $1300) that are at most 10% better than the high end cards that cost half that price! what a huge waste, if they are going to release a card like that then it should be at LEAST 2x faster than their fastest card. Instead it's just a dumb cash cow, which i really don't see being milked.

However, i find that when we get bad resource hogging games like Crysis the difference between a mid end card to a high end card is not much at all. They need to make regular high end cards have more performance to be worth their cost.

Saying this, i can play all i want like Left 4 Dead 2 and Killing Floor fine maxed out on my 5870 without worry of the framerate dropping below 60fps, even my 8800 GT's in SLi couldn't do that before. I got my 5870 on launch and haven't needed to upgrade it yet. I definitely will when Source engine 2 is announced though.
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jmc8888  +   1107d ago
Everyone has a different threshold for buying a card, and it's all up to them to justify the price.

But you have some things pretty majorly wrong.

The top end card in the states cost $999-1099, which is a big difference from $1399.

It WAS close to 100 percent better, not 10 percent.

The GTX 680 was 10 or so percent better than the GTX 670 (what I have) but these cost $399-449 for the 670 and $499-599 for the 680.

I had the 5850, the card 10 percent slower than the 5870, and the GTX 670 floors the 5850. It's well over 2x it. Took games running in the 20's to 60's or above.

Graphics have advanced majorly since Left for Dead 2. That's really not a demanding game and hasn't been for many years. The GTX 670 can run it maxed out at 1080 and pull over 220fps whereas BF3 on ultra looks amazing and runs at ~60fps.

Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, Metro 2033 (and I'm sure the upcoming one Last Light) are even more demanding.

Hey buy what you need, and I hear you with Valve's next step, but there have been significant advances since Left 4 Dead 2.

While the ATI 5XXX line was a DX11 part, it really wasn't powerful to use it well. But since last year the mid range cards have been rocking DX11 games like how DX11 was made to be rocked.

This titan card is a beast, and the GTX 7 line should be insane. If that isn't a Maxwell card and is still a Kepler one, then the GTX 8 line is simply going to be amazing.

Personally I feel I'm good and will reevaluate if I need to upgrade when Star Citizen comes out in late 2014. Even then I could rock this card for another 3 years.
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DFresh  +   1108d ago
Damn technology moves along fast.
My EVGA NVIDIA GTX 660ti will hold me over fine for the next 4-5 years.
Feralkitsune  +   1108d ago
fuck yea it does, I'm still getting along fine on my 465gtx. lol
jmc8888  +   1107d ago
It definitely can if one wants or needs for it to.

As with any card you'll need to lower settings as years go by (as lower settings will = what they are at higher settings today), but it definitely run games beautifully for years.

Also double the raw power of the rumored 720/PS4, and even after years of design advantages and as people get used to coding on the new systems should still be decently more powerful.
solid_warlord  +   1108d ago
Stop complaining and just get a next gen console. It would be optimized to be reasonably comparable to high end GPU the next 4 years.

So calm down and don't spend stupendous amount on a graphics card that will never get used to its full potential.

Hope some of u geeks are not MAD?
CGI-Quality  +   1108d ago
Half of this makes no sense at all >.>

And no, next gen consoles won't have comparable specs to a 690. Do you actually understand the tech in that?
CGI-Quality  +   1108d ago
To the disagree: explain it then. :)
Qrphe  +   1108d ago
That won't be the case, even the PS360 were after launch (Oblivion was running at 1280x1024 at over 60fps at max settings in top rigs).

Well, both the PS360 were based on over $600 high end GPUs from 2005.
CGI-Quality  +   1108d ago
Do you honestly expect next gen consoles to have comparable GPUs to a $999 GTX 690?
Qrphe  +   1108d ago
It's already happened,; I'm just looking at history here. The 7800 GTX (what the PS3's RSX is based on) was commercially available for $600 on 2005, yet it cost Sony $130 on 2006. The Xenos was similar to the X1800 which was also $600 on 2005 yet cost Microsoft around $140 per console during release. Similar cases for Xbox and PS2.

I do not expect the highest of all GPUs, but I do find it plausible for them to include high end GPUs if they so chose to successfully.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   1108d ago
Could see a 7970 in them... who knows. The only thing really set in stone "almost" is that both will be using AMD chipsets. Pricing on their GPU's seem to fit with a console appearance. Bad news for phsyx :(
jmc8888  +   1107d ago
No if the leaks are true the next gen consoles will have the raw power of a GTX 560ti.

In other words a 2010-2011 lower mid range PC that could have been built for under $800-1000.

Next gen consoles (while still fun and all that), will be literally 1/4-1/5th as powerful as a mid range single GPU that's out at that time.

If it's a dual gpu 1/8th-1/10th, and if someone SLI's the dual GPU it'll be about 1/15th as powerful.

In comparison the 360/PS3 were basically on par with PC's when they came out unless someone SLI'ed in the early years (and much more buggy) and were then maybe 2x them.

So 360/PS3 were about 1/2 as powerful as top end PC's to 720/PS4 being about 1/15th as powerful as a top end PC.

Again a mid range GPU like say a GTX 770 will be 4-5x more powerful and cost you the same, perhaps even less than a PS4/720, as the GTX 770 will probably be around $399. PS4/720 will could be 349-500 for the basic version.
black911  +   1108d ago
Developers are lazy anyway. We'll still be using the unreal engine 3 next gen.
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pennywhyz  +   1108d ago
Im waiting for some idiot to say the ps4 or xbox 720 gfx are better and more powerful.LMAO PC takes the crown again and always will.
deadfrag  +   1108d ago
Im getting this card or a gtx 780 to replace my gtx 580;but im still going to get a PS4,A Wii U and most likely a new xbox.The only one that is not firm yet is a new xbox because i at the moment dont see nothing especial for the next xbox that i cant get on a pS4 and since M$ IS THINKING more with the casuals and kinect crap i can actually drop the console for good or get one 3 year from now,but Sony and Nintendo are actually thinking in delivering games,so i will pick a Ps4 to join my Wii u and a new top pc card for the next 5 to 7 years.And then im done because after reaching my 47years of age i dont see myself with reflex enough to play at high level,but maybe them i will just have to point to the screen or think with my brains and all will be display on my new VR DISPLAY we will see 7 to 10 years from now if im still alive,i will die with gaming in my veins thats the truth!
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ninjahunter  +   1107d ago
Sheesh, a single 680 will destroy anything, we better make a 780 haha.

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