EA 'taking Medal of Honor out of rotation' after poor Warfighter reception

Electronic Arts is taking the Medal of Honor franchise out of its lineup due to low scores for Medal of Honor Warfighter, chief operating officer Peter Moore said in an investor call today.

"We struggled with two challenges: the slowdown that impacted the entire sector and poor critical and commercial reception for Medal of Honor Warfighter," said Moore. "Medal of Honor was an obvious miss. The game was solid, but the focus on combat authenticity did not resonate with consumers.

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GSpartan7772145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

"Medal of Honor was an obvious miss. The game was solid, but the focus on combat authenticity did not resonate with consumers."

Gaming PR over the last few months has just gotten incredibly terrible. I am shocked that Peter Moore even has the decency to call Medal of Honor Warfighter solid. Seriously, situations like this are where they are better off not saying anything.

JoGam2145d ago

Im sorry but i was pissed when i got the Medal of Honor. The game wasnt as good as they hyped it to be. Thats why i didn't buy the second day one. After hearing how bad it was i just band it from my collection.

guitarded772145d ago

I agree... EA is blaming the "reception" the game got, but it deserved it. The campaign was mediocre, and the online is a complete broken mess. Every time I have tried to play online, it has some serious or even game breaking issue... EVERY ROUND. Danger Close needs to get their s#!t together. I want MoH to succeed, but they either need a better team or a longer development time... or both. The mechanics are there, but they need serious refinement.

Jobesy2145d ago

Instead of taking blame for fudging up what was a well respected franchise he blames the consumers, typical.

Lockon2145d ago

They're taking it out the rotation..You know whats gonna replace it? That new IP from Infinity Ward are should I say RESPAWN ENTERTAINMENT.

DeadlyFire2144d ago

I was thinking more like Bad Company series, but I like your idea too.

UnholyLight2144d ago

I just wish they would go back to WWII, it was what the franchise did best. Give it a MoH Frontline feel, but with Airborne's really cool parachute into the level idea.

NYC_Gamer2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

MOH[modern] is a flop because the games are trying to be too much like Call of Duty...

iamnsuperman2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

The first modern one was really good and just had online (thanks dice) and some technical issues but generally the core gameplay and story was there. I am sad at this news. Warfighter was a joke. the MoH brand could do well if they made a decent game which the latest edition wasn't.

I assume this means BF4 then BFBC3

Outside_ofthe_Box2145d ago

***"MOH[modern] is a flop because the games are trying to be too much like Call of Duty..."***

As with all shooters that try to copy that game.

LOL_WUT2145d ago

Good hopefully they go back to the old WW2 settings

brandonb212145d ago

imagine a world war 2 game based off frost bite engine sounds amazing

csreynolds2144d ago

YES! The WWII mission that began Bad Company 2 looked great - and that was Frostbite 1.5. Imagine what Frostbite 2 could do with that setting...

UnholyLight2144d ago

Thank you I am not the only one!!! I've come to terms with the modern games because it only means that WWII will become fresh again with shooters here soon. I think Next Gen is the perfect time to go back to WWII!! Such a rich, amazing time to create a game out of.

Bumpmapping2145d ago

Haha "Solid" what a flop good to know they won't be making anymore for a long time.

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