EA on Wii U: not a next-gen console

During EA’s Jan. 30 investors call, the major publisher stated that Nintendo’s recently released Wii U is not quite a next-generation console.

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SilentNegotiator2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

People don't have to like this, but it's not what publishers and developers wanted. And when that happens, you get thin third party support.

The top devs/pubs were asking for a lot more power so that they could expand games' horizons. Not touchscreens.

BullyMangler2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Nintendo will show this genetation HOW to use this much power PROPERLY . . .just look at what capcom did with the Gcube and Res Evil 1 Remake . . i have yet to see a game that looks more astonishing than that Res game . and its for the Gamecube . . . ha haaa . this gonna be goood . .

blitz06232145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

It IS Nintendo's next-gen console PERIOD. Why does this issue have to be brought up again? EA is just describing console generation. For them, it hasn't started yet because all games right now are still maxed out at the PS3/360 level. They are correct, next-gen hasn't really started until we see games that the PS3/360 cannot run.
It's already crystal clear the Wii U is just in the area of the PS3/Xbox 360. But it is STILL Nintendo's next-gen console.
It will STILL belong in the SAME generation as the PS4/Orbis and 720/Durango just like the Wii belongs in the same generation as the PS3 and 360.

TruthbeTold2145d ago

If by expand "games' horizons" you meant be lazy with coding since it's not crucial to optimize, then I agree.

I have no idea why people want/expect these majorly powerful consoles when

1. It will be so expensive that relatively few people will buy them.


2. Extra 'power' will just mean developers can be lazy. Most games won't come close to pushing the envelope. Only a few 1st party games will WOW people.

Developers as a whole aren't chomping at the bit for more power. RAM, yes, certainly. But what they want most are consoles that are less expensive to develop for. The built in architecture for all 3 of the new major consoles have/will have that.

Kevin ButIer2145d ago

I don't see any interest from Nintendo to play the "generations" game in the industry, wich somehow is a good thing for consumers. Diversity is always good.

ShinMaster2145d ago

Successful(maybe), but not truly next gen.

The caliber of games is about the same as current gen consoles playing the same current gen games like ME3, AC3 and Batman, much like the Wii played games like Okami and RE4, which were PS2 and GC games.

Is it Nintendo's own next-gen? Yes. It's the Wii's successor. But in the industry, it's not.

metroid322145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Look this is Sony and Microsoft using developers to tell porkies because EA havn't put a single game on ps3 or 360 that comes anywhere near Xenoblade WiiU them graphics are like a Nextgen Skyrim with out the screen tear ect,the waterfalls and birds in the backgrounds and the textures,lighting,and especially the shadows look incredible and way beyond anything on pc,ps3.360 ect yes that's due to consoles holding bk pc or pc would be better ?

The WiiU is clearly dx11 comparable going off that Xenoblade footage it looked dx12 in most area's,so if you think this is 1st gen wiiu games when ps4 hits the WiiU will be onto it's second gen games in other words Metroid,Zelda,Smash,Eternal D2, ect.

All this ps4 and 720 will have better graphics is just pipe dreams as from the rumours ps4 will be using the same chip confirmed by a respected developer to be the HD6670 and we all know the 67** series is at least 40% more powerful ?

About these high end engines Retro studio's and Nintendo have Engines that rival UE4 that's the word and with Retro i believe this Engine when shown will destroy EA's Engines.

SilentNegotiator2145d ago

"If by expand "games' horizons" you meant be lazy with coding since it's not crucial to optimize, then I agree"

Ummmm, no. Super Mario 64 wouldn't have been possible on SNES if Nintendo weren't "lazy".
GoW1 wouldn't have been possible on Ps1 if Sony weren't "lazy".
Crysis wouldn't have worked on Xbox original if they weren't "lazy"

Optimization only takes you so far. Devs/pubs are ready to make NEXT gen games, however, and they need some FAST RAM, a strong CPU, and a next-gen GPU to make bigger, more complex, and prettier games.

Donnieboi2145d ago

If Wii U is next-gen simply because it's Nintendo's latest console, then I guess that Ouya is next gen too since it came out later. But we all know it's not next gen TECH, so cut the crap Ninty fanboys. Nobody believes that 6 year old tech is next gen no matter how much u try to spin it. And when the real next gen multiplats roll out, with wii u being left behind, then you'll see why it's not next gen.

oNIXo2145d ago Show
Army_of_Darkness2144d ago

LOL! i just had to say that;-)

guitarded772144d ago

Architecture... It determines where developers go.

Whichever architecture is most common (install base) determines where games are made.

Developers are asked by console manufacturers what they'd like to see in terms of architecture, before the system is designed.

What is important to the developer is CPU, RAM and GPU. We are at a point in CPU development where size is flat-lining due to heat restrictions... GPU's are becoming more powerful, and most systems won't even use more than 4-6gb of RAM.

I haven't fully seen the Wii U's specs (I have been looking though), but even the most hardcore Nintendo fans must be aware that the Wii U will not have the same power as the PS4 and NeXBOX.

It's not the end of third party support though. Wii U shouldn't have a problem running MANY games that will be on PS4 and NeXBOX. Remember, AAA power pushing games are more expensive to develope, so not everyone will be making state of the art pixel pushers.

Some games (especially downloadable only) will run on Wii U too. EA and Nintendo have a shaky relationship, but Ubisoft and Platinum Games and Capcom have shown support. As long as Nintendo can sell consoles, games will be made.

I don't worry about it because I own all consoles, which is the best option if you are willing to spend the money. If not, buy the console which is best suited to you.

QUESTION: Does anyone know how many ALU's are in the Wii U GPU?

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user39158002145d ago

There it is another publisher saying it out loud and I agree nintendo wiiu its a retro console with a poor handheld, sorry, I love nintendo, but the facts remain its a retro machine that can do what ps3 and 360 can do poorly.

AdvanceWarsSgt2145d ago

Wait......are you saying that the 3DS is poor or the WiiU tablet is poor?

metroid322145d ago

People forget AMD confirmed via Twitter that the wiiu uses a custom HD67** series so even the lowest of that series walk rings around the HD6670 that 720 and ps4 have,google it a respected dev confirmed this gpu for both consoles ie weaker than WiiU.

GET OVER IT WIIU GPGPU IS BEAST WE HAVE A XENOBLADE TRAILER TO PROVE IT NOT JUST CHEAP TALK and Moonlith say zero cpu issues or limitations just like Michel ancel zero limitations,and gearbox ect ect proof is in the pudding is what i say and Xenoblade looked way beyond current sub HD consoles,Beyonetta2 looked like an open world Beyonetta that demolishes the 1st one in everything scope,gameplay,graphics,you name it.

ziggurcat2144d ago

@ metroid32

1. none of the specs on the next playstation/xbox have been confirmed, so talking about the GPU being weaker on those systems is hearsay.

2. you're forgetting that the next playstation/xbox will likely have significantly more available RAM (probably faster, too), and a better CPU.

so really... quit trying to grasp at straws when it's painfully obvious that the next playstation/xbox will be way more powerful than the wii u.

and lol - nintendo just only joined the HD realm, so how is the PS3/X360 "sub HD"? xenoblade looks way beyond current consoles? give me a break... every current and upcoming first party title on X360/PS3 say, "hi."

southernbanana2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

@ Metroid 32
Xenoblade Chronicles, my favorite wii game, is nowhere near the graphical level of the Xbox 360 and PS3. Not sure where you are getting the idea the wii is at the same level of the other two. Does it matter? No. Just find your rational interesting at the most.

MakiManPR2144d ago

@ziggurcat & @southernbanana

He's taking about this game

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LOL_WUT2145d ago

Finally this debate can be put to rest... ;)

PopRocks3592145d ago

Because someone from Kotaku tweeted that someone from EA made a statement about the Wii U?

Seriously, get real.

GraveLord2145d ago

From a specs standpoint it obviously isn't. I think even Nintendo fanboys can't deny it. EA and all these big 3rd party companies are building these high-end engines for PS4/720 and even PC. Wii U is the last thing on their mind with these engines.

solid_warlord2145d ago

Nintendo Wii U is increasingly looking like it will be like the Gamecube...Im really worried for them. The Wii U is meant to be the console that competes againt Ps4 & xbox next, i dont think they will be able to compete. I

1upgamer992144d ago

I'm just saying "Looking like it will be like the Gamecube" have you forgotten that PS2 had far less power than Gamecube, yet blew Xbox/Gamecube out of the water?

solid_warlord2144d ago

@1upgamer99 hahaha the Gamecube was not far more powerfull than ps2 u retard...The Sony brand also made Nintendo Gamecube sound like a childs play. Sony was dominant force, the Xbox was more Powerful than PS2 but you couldnt see a huge difference, but ps2 had better games. Nintendo had childish games, why do they continue that path. Take for example there network...they are way behind Xbox Live & PSN. The entire online is child freindly. Most men do not think Nintendo Wii U is a console for grown men.

Outside_ofthe_Box2145d ago

***"Never count Nintendo out. They have great IPs. You will see a bounce when they bring these out. We see no correlation between Wii U sales and what we expect from other next-gen consoles, can't talk a lot about that though. What we describe as "Gen 4" is yet to come. We're excited and investing in it."***

Why are they calling it "gen 4"? Isn't next gen the 8th?

Joegrine202145d ago

This isn't hard, you guys.

We see no correlation between Wii U sales and what we expect from other next-gen consoles, can't talk a lot about that though.
Translation: Wii U is next-gen, but we don't think it's struggles will translate to other upcoming platforms.

What we describe as "Gen 4" is yet to come. We're excited and investing in it.
Translation: We also haven't invested anything into new engines for Wii U, meaning all of our products for it are using old code/frameworks/paradigms -- thus even though the Wii U is next-gen as a platform, our games for it are not. "Gen 4" represents the new framework for forthcoming, more graphics-oriented games.

Outside_ofthe_Box2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Now it all makes sense when you see the quote in it's entirety and understand it's meaning.

***"We see no correlation between Wii U sales and what we expect from other next-gen consoles"***

Keyword: OTHER meaning they think of Wii U as next gen.

The quote was taken out of context... and look at the result it brought with the comments on here.. shoddy journalism and typical kotaku, LOL!

Ju2144d ago

That just means, the WiiU as it stands doesn't justify the investment in pushing the envelope. First it doesn't sell like the Wii did - nor the current consoles for that matter - and it doesn't push the envelope enough to make this "minimalistic" leap forward. While with PS4/720 the leap will be bigger and the market impact will be significantly bigger as well. Those are two paltform none the less. WiiU might see some improved content as soon as the new consoles are out.
Doing this with the WiiU now would still not push the next gens and require another upgrade cycle when those release - with the WiiU being somewhere inbetween the current and next gens. As a developer I can understand you'd rather make one big step than two small ones.

yeahokchief2145d ago

I agree it's not.

More importantly it also currently does not have enough games for core gamers.

No metroids. No new Zeldas. No new anything exciting really.

And the stuff they do put out is all focused at teenagers or younger. I do not see this console picking up at its current pace. Waste of money.

xursz2144d ago

I've been saying this forever. I can't find anything that makes me want to have the system and the price is still too much even if i did want it.

morkendo232145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

from JAY2
no it's not.

who CARES!!!! long as friendly gaming is before you.
everyone not into 3rd person shooters,first person shooters,multi-online player shooter games as yourself.
some might say they like zelda,pikmon,metroid,castlevan ia,contra more than those game.

live2play2145d ago

its not !?
oh no! now i wont be able to enjoy
the wonderful 101
pikmin 3
smash bros u
xeno U
super mario U
bayonetta 2
windwaker HD
..oh no wait

ape0072144d ago

they are very good games but nothing compares to a new generation leap

lfclee2145d ago

Jay2 your the expert now are you ? The Wii u is a a next gen console how I know I have one and I will tell you there community is absolutely brilliant nice people and great games on the way !

showtimefolks2144d ago

Here we go again publishers or developers saying ts not next gen and Nintendo fans denying it all the way. Bottom line is this is a bad sign 3rd party support wise

In 2013 most big games are skipping wiiu, I would love to know the R&D that went into gamepad and the cost of gamepad that could have gone to improve the actual specs of the system and we could have survived with a normal controller like Sony and ms have

But it is what it is. I said it before and I will say it again the day ps4 and xbox720 hts the market is the day wiiu becomes not last gem but also not this gen and its not a good thing to be stuck in the middle

Enemy2144d ago

Wii U owners have two ways to look at this opinion.

1. You could accept that it isn't, and that it's only really competing against the PS3 and 360, as the Wii wasn't HD.

2. You could deny it, and then feel sad when the PS4 and next Xbox come out with superior hardware specs.

AsheXII2144d ago

Actually that is not what EA said.

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NYC_Gamer2145d ago

It's not when really compare Wii-U hardware Vs current gen..

Kevlar0092145d ago

The WiiU is just getting started. 2 months vs 6-7 years is no contest

HammadTheBeast2145d ago

Yes, but next-gen should NOT be compared to current-gen, it just shouldn't happen. We shouldn't be saying "Hey the Wii U is better than current gen" and arguing about it, it should be a clear fact. When the next gen competition comes in, that's when the final statement will be made.

chestnut11222145d ago

"The sales of Wii U were smooth at the beginning but since the turn of the year they have been losing momentum," Nintendo President Satoru Iwata told reporters in Osaka after revealing the loss forecast. He blamed the lacklustre performance on a dearth of games titles to woo players back.

Donnieboi2145d ago

But it's already using 6 year old tech. If u think it can be pushed much further than good luck with that buddy. Even a 25% increase will be nothing when Ps4/720 release. Sorry.

Old McGroin2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Don't really care if it's next gen or not (it's not), Nintendo's exclusives are always exceptional so a HD Nintendo console is welcome. I was getting bored of the 360 and PS3 so the Wii U is good for a change. It could do with a few more games though!

finbars752145d ago

Getting bored on the 360 and ps3?Im sorry but the Ipad has been around for a while with awsome fun games that cost next to nothing.Why would I shell $350 for something we all I have.The games are still mediocre and they still cant come up with anything new and innovative console and games.Its like Im playing the same games from the original nintendo.Nintendos days are numbered and they are paying for it with this console.sales are terrible along with there games.Nintendo has never understood how to attract every gamer instead they confuse people with the gen no even close this gen yes but this gen is t the end so nintendo needs to not only stay with current gens they need to figure whats more important gamers or themselves.

n4f2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

nintendo day numbered?
clearly delusional

ThyMagicSword2145d ago

What are you talking about, the Ipad should not even be considered as videogame-platform. "The games are still mediocre", the good ones are not even out yet and Nintendo does not need to attract everyone, they have their fanbase, while gaining some new customers each day. I have bought a Xbox 360 this gen (my first console from MS) and I greatly regret it, the console got boring really fast. Ps3 has offered much more for me, good exclusive games and PSN were good, but some games lacked substance, good graphics does not mean good gameplay, to tell the truth ... I've bought the Ps3 for Team ICO's The Last Guardian, waiting for several years for a release window now and still there is no precise release date, the game I enjoyed the most on my Ps3 was Shadow of the Colossus HD (which per se, is a last gen game) and some Demon's Souls of course. Should I buy the next Playstation just for one game (The Last Guardian) or the next Xbox, although I know they won't have enough exclusives, other than shooters like Halo or Gears of War ...looking at the Wii U, one can notice, that the line-up is starting to look good, so why is the Wii U hated? I don't understand this hate, give the console it's time, in time you'll see, that the hate wasn't justified at all.

s45gr322145d ago

Well okay have fun with the wii u. I do disagree about wii u offering a change from ps3 or 360 is the same thing now with a tablet attached to it.....

Seraphemz2145d ago

Bored?? How many iterations of a Mario game can one take...

Old McGroin2145d ago

I haven't had a Nintendo console since the SNES so Mario is pretty fresh to me. I think the question should be how many iterations of Halo, Uncharted, God Of War, Gears of War and COD can one take because I feel like I'm playing the exact same games with different coloured backgrounds for the last 7 years. And that gets pretty boring.

BullyMangler2145d ago

who's gonna play every mario game out there ? . .thats why thers mario galaxy 2 (:

zillanoir2145d ago

How many mario games... real mario games does one see each generation? One or two tops. How about halo,call of duty,little big planet, gears of wars etc,etc? More than two gens of mario games. Ha, regardless if wii u can produce better quality games in many areas with lazy ports like cod blk ops 2 at the begining of its life how can it be on par or less than the pervios gen? No sense there.
I remember clear ther was a slight bump initially for 360 over the 1st gen xbox but it was well into the year when u really could tell the jump. They just got better n maxed out.
Haters gonna hate i know i know but atleast make sense.

thezeldadoth2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

when's the last time EA made anything even remotely as good as the games Nintendo makes. The games nintendo make on wii-u will be exceptional, and i don't need nvidia physx and 16x AA to enjoy them, not that sony and msofts consoles will be able to do those either. I use my PC for things like that.

s45gr322145d ago

Well put use the PC for multiplats and the wii u for its exclusives.

SilentNegotiator2145d ago

"when's the last time EA made anything even remotely as good as the games Nintendo makes"

You can't be THAT delusional...or can you?

thezeldadoth2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

which games then? I think the last 2 mass effect games were terrible, TOR sucked, BF3 is average. The only one i can say i enjoyed published by EA was need for speed most wanted.

Imalwaysright2144d ago

Dragon Age and Dead Space are some of the best games I played this Gen.

kupomogli2144d ago

Mirror's Edge, The Saboteur, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Dead Space 1 and 2, Army of Two 1 and 2, Dante's Inferno, Dragon Age Origins, Battlefield 3, and Fight Night Champion.

EA has published a lot of amazing games this gen.

sitharrefus2145d ago

Next article "The Wii U has no games"......