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Submitted by Valay 1108d ago | news

EA delays Fuse launch

EA just announced during its latest financial results call that it has delayed the launch of Fuse. The new IP was originally set to release in March. (Fuse, PS3, Xbox 360)

Root  +   1108d ago
EA you can delay this walking disaster as much as you like but it's still going to be generic as hell. Everything you guys touch turns to crap...just like Activision.

Bioware, Visceral Games, DICE and now insomniac Games
mandf  +   1108d ago
EA is just a publisher. A publisher makes discs for mass distribution. With Insomniac they own there studio. They use EA for distribution nothing more. Not every video game developer has a factory to make discs. Depending on how large you are it's not cost effective. Now some use EA to fund there games and then publish it. A lot of gamers don't know what a publisher is. Now for the people that will say EA can make changes to a game. Yes to a point so they won't get sued or have backlash.
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Root  +   1108d ago
REALLY....are you seriously saying EA has no say in this what's so ever, of course they do, they are the publishers, they are the ones who put money into the studio to develop a game, they want the game to do well so they get their money back and earn a profit.

As I've said below compare Over strike with FUSE and you can see it's EA who told them to change it into this generic looking garbage.

They did the same with ME2 with the ammo system and the lack of RPG elements because they knew shooters sold more then RPGs.

Lets take DICE, why Battlefield 4 all of a sudden instead of BC3. Why was the B3 on line more like COD then like the multi player found in B2 or BC2.

Not to forget Visceral games with Dead Space 3...despite knowing we hate Capcom for ruining their horror game with action and co-op they still did it...because like Capcom they wanted more sales.

Come on man...wake up, EA are the ones pulling the strings. Insomniac have no say, they'll just go along with the ride because they want to stay in business...they aren't going to bad mouth EA yet
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TheFanboySlayer  +   1108d ago

Apparently EA are playing no role in this game according to Ted but with that being said, I think Insomniac has got this game all wrong.

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MikeMyers  +   1108d ago
Root, you're contradicting yourself. You're blaming EA for the delay when in reality you should be thanking EA for allowing Insomniac to have more time to polish the game. Having a positive outlook doesn't really work for you though does it.
Root  +   1108d ago

Oh look MikeMyers again with a boring silly comment against me, how fun...ANYWAY lets talk logic

EA are only delaying it really because it would be destroyed in March...God of War AND Gears of War....they aren't stupid. EA saw that it's sales would be hurt and decided to delay it, it wasn't because they were noble or because they care it was just good business.

Use some common sense...however knowing what your like it you can't. Maybe if you calmed down once in a while and didn't get so angry over small things which don't even relate to the article/gaming industry

Having some common sense doesn't really work for you though does it.


Yeah but Ted doesn't want to loose his job does he. I'm pretty sure Bioware did the same when they asked if EA influenced them...which they did
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MikeMyers  +   1107d ago
"Maybe if you calmed down once in a while and didn't get so angry over small things"

Says the guy who's on here 24/7 making big issues over small things while getting upset over everything. I guess the logical question is, why are you even here then if you don't care about the game?
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Baka-akaB  +   1107d ago
A marketing test led the dev to completely change the artstyle of the game and you believe EA had no say in it ? uhuh .

Anyway it's obvious the game was pulled from the slaughter , given how little hype and interest it generates , at least so far .
majiebeast  +   1108d ago
It wouldve been killed in March so maybe it stands a chance in April or later.
FarCryLover182  +   1108d ago
Remember about GTA 5. If it releases after GTA, then it might be killed then.
BigStef71  +   1108d ago
I look forward to buying it. I will always support Insomniac Games. Hopefully this game doesn't bomb but if it does (unfortuantely thats what its looking like) I really hope they would reconsider going back to Sony and becoming a first party studio for them
Unicron  +   1108d ago
Insomniac wants to own their IPs from here on out though. Becoming first party negates that.
Root  +   1108d ago
but it's silly because they are being more restricted by EA then if they were with Sony.

They're kind of contradicting themselves

Look at the Over strike reveal trailer then FUSE...thats EA's influence. If they were developing this with Sony Overstrike would still be about because Sony allows freedom with developers.
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BigStef71  +   1108d ago
I understand that but what I'm saying is if this game bombs they really have no other choice. Its either get bought by Sony or risk having your studio get shut down
Yea I agree. With Sony they had total and complete freedom. I mean EA had to have some part in them changing the direction of the game
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MikeMyers  +   1108d ago
"Look at the Over strike reveal trailer then FUSE...thats EA's influence. If they were developing this with Sony Overstrike would still be about because Sony allows freedom with developers. "

Prove it. If you want to accuse EA for the differences between Overstrike and Fuse then it is your job to prove it.

I'll wait for you to point out EA's influence.

Now about Sony allowing freedom. List all of the unique ip's Insomniac has done while under Sony's guidance. All 4 One had Playstation Move controls, do you think Sony had any influence on that? How about Heavy Rain and how Quantic Dream wanted to add more content but Sony wanted Move controls instead.
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Root  +   1108d ago

Now your taking this too far, I know you have this thing for me and LOVE to try and disagree with my comments but to try and defend EA and say they had no've took it too far now

Lets see.....oh I know because they turned it from a bright, colourful pixar looking fun co-op game with funny, witty characters with awesome styles to a boring looking, generic, typical third person shooter with a flat story.

It's got EA written all over it.

Just stop man before you say anything else stupid
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MikeMyers  +   1108d ago
Root, you didn't provide any proof EA had any influence nor did you elaborate about Insomniac having freedom under Sony or how they and Quantic just happened to have Move controls in their games.

That's 0-3 my friend.

Insomniac was stuck with Ratchet and Resistance games while under Sony. That is probably why they wanted to created their own IP and have complete control of it.


Why play them? That would make far too much sense and could backfire from the negative campaigning.
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Unicron  +   1108d ago
"Lets see.....oh I know because they turned it from a bright, colourful pixar looking fun co-op game with funny, witty characters with awesome styles to a boring looking, generic, typical third person shooter with a flat story. "

With all due respect... what game did YOU see? There was a trailer for Overstrike, no gameplay. There was no genre even shown! The shaders used were all very realistic, with characters that were SLIGHTLY exaggerated. Borderlands design it was not.

With Overstrike - you have no idea how fun it was, what the story was, or what the gameplay genre was. People are making a TON of assumptions based on one trailer. Maybe they should give Fuse a fair shake and PLAY it?
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1108d ago
So now it's silly to want to own the IP's you create huh Root? Creative freedom is pointless when in the end someone else reaps the reward for all your hard work.
Fail or not, overstrike belongs to Insomniac.
Knushwood Butt  +   1107d ago
If this bombs they could well go under. Hard to get a gig after that.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1107d ago
If SONY bought them and it bombed there's no guarantee SONY wouldn't shut them down.
mandf  +   1108d ago
Ea is not in charge of insomniac. They are called a publisher. They mass produce the game disc. The same things happens with books. Insomniac games funds the making of there own game then ea makes it ready for distribution. Not all developers work this way but in this case it is this way. I wish all video game journalist would learn this.
Veneno  +   1107d ago
What you are missing is that a publisher just doesnt throw money at a dev to make just any game. The publisher has to be confident in what they see in order to invest, so therefore they can have a huge say in what goes into the game. And its clear thats whats happening here because theyve changed the entire identity of the game because they were not confident in what they had before.

This game is gonna bomb.
Drainage  +   1108d ago
lmao Overtrike was a CGI trailer ! Why do people think Isomnicac can make that game? Everything else is still there. The guns, characters, humor. Everything except the pixar look because it was a CGI trailer. lmao at people thinking this was orginally a UNIQUE GAME from the GODS and turned into dog shit. Its the same game from the trailer except with less frames per second and uglier.

Blame IG for making a new IP after burning Resistance to the ground with Resistance 2, which never recovered after that.
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jaklink  +   1108d ago
It's really too bad so many are down on this game, I personally can't wait to play it. Insomniac is an extremely talented developer and I'm sure they will indeed deliver. And to everyone who keeps going on about Overstrike, remember there was never any footage shown for that version of the game, so please stop making all of these assumptions about how the game supposedly was. Insomniac owns the IP, end of story.
Veneno  +   1107d ago
I dont think anyon3 doubts that Fuse will be a competent , enjoyable shooter, but it just wont stand out from the pack of all the generic shooters out there so therefore it will be passed by the gaming majority.
Baka-akaB  +   1107d ago
Yeah hardly anyone is claiming that "overstrike" was awesome .

Hell almost no one cared about overstrike back then .

But is the new look and name with Fuse garnering more interest ? Not really , despite lots of gameplay shows this time around .

Not claiming it's a bad game , hell i bet it will be excellent , at least in MP . But my gut feeling sadly tells me that the game will be lost in the shuffle and overlooked , even more so with the new generic look .

"Overstrike" wouldnt have been cod level popular , but would at least probably get a following with its bright artstyle , cgi or not . Here with fuse ? i dunno and doubt it .

Hope very much so to be proven wrong
PS4isKing_82  +   1108d ago
Ea and activision = kings of overrated sub par games.
strigoi814  +   1107d ago
push push push it until nba elite lolz

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