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VideoGamer: "The games included are all worth playing, but there are some unforgivable technical blunders on show here."

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SnakeCQC2141d ago

what ? seriously the pal 60 thing is not fixed in the re release???? seriously the devs are POS they release absolution with a broken disguise system and now this

Trenta272141d ago

What was broken about it? I thought it was fine.

RickHiggity2141d ago

Made sense to me. Pretty sure a fellow gardener would get suspicious at a random ball dude he's never met before.

BanBrother2141d ago

This review seems unfair. The PAL 60 thing could easily be fixed if it weren't for MS taking away the option. They removed it (while using HDMI). Still, I won't be buying it for the 360, as it was and is a huge pain in the ass. I though reviews were supposed'to be about the game, not outside factors?? Seems pretty unprofessional tbh.

SnakeCQC2141d ago

technical problems in the game are not really outside factors and people should be informed

Donnywho2139d ago

When they reviewed Absolution they said it was missing the things the old Hitman games had that made them great. Now they give the trilogy a bad score for basically no reason.
Most of these review sites are beyond fake.