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DmC: Devil May Cry Review - Twinfinite

Like Rockstar did with Max Payne 3 (last year’s outstanding reclamation project), Ninja Theory took all the elements that made the original Devil May Cry games great and refines the narrative rough edges with a thoroughly entertaining and visually sumptuous straight-up, full-on, all-caps VIDEO GAME. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 5/5

Minato-Namikaze  +   939d ago
I'm sorry but these reviews don't seem to reflect the game that I tried to play.
Probably because the game you were trying to play had "Naruto" in the title.
Blacktric  +   939d ago
"Joined 30 Jan 2013 (19m ago)"


Also it's almost painfully funny to see how much of a try-hard you people are with all of your forced BS... Reminds me a lot of Donte really.
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