God of War: Ascension ad to be Shown During Online Super Bowl Stream Only

People went crazy when Sony released their latest ad tease titled ‘God of War: Ascension Super Bowl 2013 Commercial Teaser’, assuming, naturally, that that meant the commercial would be shown during the Super Bowl – something that is watched by over 160 million people. Well, actually, that’s not so, Sony has revealed.

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doctorstrange1214d ago

This makes a lot more logical sense... but I would have loved Sony to go crazy and buy up a whole ad slot.

TrendyGamers1214d ago

That would have been nice.

shoddy1214d ago

This is a way of saying GOW is god!

Love every GOW.

dbjj120881214d ago

Sony's marketing department comes up short again. What's the point at all? Why bother with this?

Wedge191214d ago

Exactly. GoW has a big enough following and has been advertised around enough. people are going to buy it. It doesn't need any more ad space. Give the budget to something that really needs it. The Vita for instance.

MikeMyers1214d ago

Agreed. A funny or cool ad for Vita would have been good.

iamnsuperman1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

It is probably a hell of a lot cheaper. Super bowl ad slots are insanely pricey. There still be a lot of people watching it on the stream

alexcosborn1214d ago

Agreed. Though I'm not surprised.

LordMe1214d ago

Smart move. As much as I would love to see GoW:A in the Superbowl, it's almost $4mil for 30 seconds of time, and that is almost a full games worth of money.

DA_SHREDDER1214d ago

game is so sick it only needs to play the ad once. lol

Tei7771214d ago

Good, it would have been a waste of money otherwise. Especially for a live action trailer which isn't selling the game directly.

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