2012 Gamers' Choice Awards winners announced

More than 2000 gamers let their voices be heard in the 2012 Gamers' Choice Awards, which selected the best of the best in the previous year of video gaming in a total of 15 categories. The votes have now been tallied and the winning games for each of the seven genre and six platform categories have been named.

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Tuxmask552141d ago

I must say, I'm honestly surprised by a few of what won -- especially in the Sports/Racing and PS3 Exclusive categories.

ho0lee0h2141d ago

Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland has a rating of 66/100 on metacritic.

WHAT. Where's Journey?

Hicken2140d ago

Who cares about metacritic?

I admit Journey not being listed anywhere is a glaring oversight, though.

Qrphe2140d ago

Although I agree with Journey, I highly disagree with taking Metacritic or any review from a popular videogame website ($$$ since they do have special interests after all $$$).

SactoGamer2140d ago

Journey was not nominated because our outlet did not review it.

TXIDarkAvenger2140d ago

Forza Horizon wasn't even a runner-up. Also how the heck did Diablo III win best PC exclusive? It wasn't as great as the previous two games.

Qrphe2140d ago

It does have a large community who plays it continuously.