The Most Realistic PlayStation 4 Concept Sony Should Notice

With all the news of a new PlayStation console being in development and Sony pegged to announce it between now and E3 this year, the hype is pretty high.

In such testing times, a lot of concepts and designs by freelance designers are doing the rounds but this particular PlayStation 4 concept stands out for u

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cyborg2058d ago

I like the video, the guy seems very talented. But, I would expect Sony make a more bulky design, this looks too light to pack a punch imho.

Metamorph932058d ago

Yes, I agree. Sony likes shorter controllers and bulky looking consoles.

blackbeld2058d ago

The video looks amazing. This guy got talent.

juandren2058d ago

I like the controller a lot. The console itself - not so much :/

Razmossis2058d ago

At first I thought he was making a BT HomeHub

NegativeCreepWA2058d ago

I'd just like the joy sticks to be spaced further apart, so my thumbs don't hit each other and better triggers of course.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2058d ago

Could they make the analog sticks a bit closer..../sarcasm

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jujubee882058d ago

Well, it's not portable. But, yeah the console looks a bit (just a bit) fashion over function.

For example, where are the discs suppose to go?

steve30x2058d ago

The slot is there for the disc but it doesnt go far enough back to fit a disc

jujubee882058d ago


Yeah, the design is pretty nice but when basic stuff like a disk slot is not functioning there needs to be an overhaul.

Tiqila2058d ago

maybe its meant to use a new media like.. i dont know.. sticks???

Syntax-Error2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

I said the same thing. The disc slot doesn't match the depth of the console. Second, it's too tall. Consoles should be vertical so the can fit on component shelves. Not a good design at all.

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GuyThatPlaysGames2058d ago

Everyday until the reveal will be these ridiculous renders that won't be anything like the final product. Yea I'm sure Sony is just gonna jump outta their seats for Joe Blow's PS4 model render.

trancefreak2058d ago

Looked great but the best part of every new console is sniff testing the plastic. That is key for every new console launched. Just sit there in take in that new console smell mhh mhh. XD

user39158002058d ago

Lol... Fail,look at the blue ray tray it goes in and out, problem is the console is too small and blue ray is longer than console lol... I like the remote a mixture of ps3-xbx remote nice, but console failed hard.

PopRocks3592057d ago

I was gonna say... Wouldn't it be better to just let Sony do their thing? Doing a concept design and making the full fledged system are two different feats entirely.

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iamnsuperman2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

I would say remove the stand and make it more vertical (no bend) because the problem with this design is it has to sit one way which would be problematical for tv stand/units. Also making a stand an optional extra is extra possible money for low production cost.

The controller looks too wide for its height but that could be just the picture

shodaime2058d ago

This look by far the nicest one ive seen so far..controller look nice

Blackdeath_6632058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

really??! i think it looks f***ing ugly both controller and console. the console can only stand one way which is silly and the controller doesn't look comfortable at all.

StockpileTom2058d ago

Agreed... I wouldn't want that bulky thing in my hands.

Hellsvacancy2058d ago

Not that im as skilled on a computer as the guy in the video, but I could come up with a better looking design in my opinion

Besides, isnt Sony implementing PS-Move as standard? I can see no big glowing balls on that controller

ThyMagicSword2058d ago

Looks like some kind of balance board and the controller does not look very nice for the hands ...