Adam Sessler Defends Video Games on Fox News (1/30/13)

Adam Sessler formerly of G4 on Fox News discussing Video Games.

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000012141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

sessler is too good for faux news, fox news can suck a fat one. but on topic the first 1:45 seconds in, adam perfectly articulates why video games have been targeted since the early 1980's by the media. what cracks me up is how all these media outlets don't blame themselves for glorifying these murders as "big news stories" not to mention the lack of immediate blame at the individuals who commit these crimes and the weapons which allow them to commit them.

Abriael2141d ago

Lol that one was damn funny, bubble for you sir.

mav8052141d ago

Actually Fox News is the news station that most consistently reports on the news and reports on it more accurately than other supposed news venues. There have actually been independent studies done on this fact.

Anyway, to the point, Mr. Sessler came across as well spoken and made some very good points. The fact is that blaming video games is as ridiculous as blaming guns. Unfortunately there are very disturbed people in this world and if they have come to a decision to enact these fantasies, it doesn't matter if there are guns or not, they're just going to choose another tool that would allow them to create the same if not more tragedy.

Ser2141d ago

Agreed, mav805.

People are quick to judge FOX, but forget all about CNN and MSNBC. It's hip to hate FOX nowadays.

Love Sessler, and he absolutely nailed this interview.

pr0t0typeknuckles2141d ago

you get a bubble for that, LMAO

dcbronco2141d ago

People make fun of Fox because while all of the major media outlets are jokes, Fox is, by far, the worse. You can find stats that say anything. But you can also find a former White House Press Secretary that says he sent them talking points everyday. You can find people on that network that use the same phrases over and over.(Spiking the football, anyone). You find far more radical idiots on Fox. And though they claim others push conspiracy theories, no one pushes them more than Fox(birthers, coming to get your guns, etc.).

Fox used to be more serious 10 years ago. Now it is a complete joke. Again, the others are bad too. They all miss major news to report BS like the death of Anna Nicole and other crap. The only consistency on Fox News is that they consistently follow the ideas of Goebbels by repeating lies over and over until the targeted nuts believe them. And since 24 hours of Fox propaganda keeps them wound up, it's not hard to get them going.

DragonKnight2141d ago

All I have to say about defenders of Fox News is Bill O'Reilly.

BattleAxe2141d ago

Sessler was extremely well spoken in that interview.

TheDivine2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

At least Fox lets a well known guy from the gaming community come on, defend gaming, and make his points. Msnbc never let's anyone with a different opinion on, it's like a liberal hive mind similar to the Borg. Still ignorant people buy the line from them and other talks show hosts that its Fox that is biased. Never mind that they have many liberal commentators like Colms and Juan Williams. Fox def comes from the right but they allow both sides to debate most times.

Adam killed it. Def an intelligent dude. He really knew a lot of shit and made a good argument. Props.

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user39158002141d ago

I see your point, you might want to add that virtual its not reality and those that do act upon them, might have had issues before even touching the games. Games dont change facts its virtual, outcome of violence come from individuals not action taken in a virtual world. We can point fingers and try to integrate a solution to a problem no one can give you a correct answer, for the problem came from an individual person and his actions are oly based on his visions. We can point the fingers and if I were to say that it was his religion, hes family issues, society effect on life, or depression from studying at school, I do be wrong cause thats not the norm of thinking. A healthy mind its conscious of its surroundings and will deploy a gathering system as a norm, hwever those that cant become renegades of their on belief. If an individual acted upon irrational thoughts, im sure it was not due to video games, but the facts that either he had mental issues to began with and not cause a video game told them to kill someone.

Kyosuke_Sanada2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Funny that the Sess stood up for gaming before many of these game companies did which makes me give him even more respect. Hyping a game is SO much more important....

TongkatAli2141d ago

You can't out talk Sessler when it comes to videogames, he knows wtf he is talking about.

Christopher2141d ago

To defend the game companies in some respects, their lawyers pretty much make sure they stay out of it. To put the spotlight on one game company would allow the community itself to direct their ire at them rather than the whole genre of video games. So, staying out of it is smart as far as being seen on TV.

That's why there are various associations that they are a part of that lobby for/against the various laws that may affect video games. It keeps it focused on the games as a group rather than one specific video game maker.

Sessler is not tied to this need to be unheard because his IPs won't take a hit from the recognition.

grifter0242141d ago

To be honest I am glad they didn't just blind side him and talk over him without him having a chance to defend his stance like all these type of interviews happen on this show.

I do agree though that parents should be the sole blame of these things NOT games. Like Adam said what sane parent that has a 10yr old heck even a 17yr old play a game called "Grand Theft Auto," Let alone go to a game store and buy it for them.

If they keep saying that games go crazy they should go to the parents and ask them point blank "Do you know what game your son is playing in your own home?" Either you will get lots of no's in which case they should be ridiculed for not knowing what's going on in their home or yes in which case give a reason WHY they are letting a child play a mature rated game that is against the law.

zerocrossing2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

I played GTA3 when I was under age and It hasn't effected me negatively, so I don't think it's as black and white as some people make out it is, plus even adults that can handle the violence commit crimes then go on to blame it on whatever violent game they played.

I mite have been fine since I was in my mid teens at the time, but obviously you don't want a 10 year old playing GTA.

You have to cap it somewhere I guess but just because a parent allows their child to play a game outside of their age recommendation doesn't automatically make them a bad parent, I consider me parents to be pretty good as far as parents go so this argument that violence is happening because of bad parenting doesn't seem 100% true IMO.

trenso12141d ago

Agreed I've been around violent video games all my life watching my uncle play GTA on the computer sniping someone's leg off but my parents didn't just let me do whatever and monitored some of the games I played like just watching me play them or ask what it's about. Some parents just don't care I watched a father buy his kid black ops in game stop when told about the rating he dismissed his words said "yea yea I don't care" and bout the game for a kid who couldn't have been older than 13

Skate-AK2141d ago

First game I ever played was Mortal Kombat on SEGA Genesis. I believe that I played GTA before I was ten.

user39158002141d ago

Against the law? Really? Law are nothing more but a placement of restriction advocated by politicians in order to gather order or a sense of balance. Problem is law changes every day, we the so call freedom have more people in jail than anywere in the world, thats not freedom, thats just a stance of prohibited civil practice and making you belief you are free. As a matter of fact, no goverment is free, they are all ruled by people. Russia has more freedom than USA lol...
Capitalism its a form of profit and goverments rise to become profitable. Bottom line is not the parents fault that an individual took action on his own, cause if it was, then it is also true the majority of the people that are criminals its cause their family did not upbring the standards. Lets wake up and say like it is, individual actions are individuals problem.

Farsendor12141d ago

the fox guy wasn't as bad as they usually are he actually let adam speak.

LOGICWINS2141d ago

And he promoted Rev3 too lol.

Trago13372141d ago

Looks like the 'Sess had to address' with Fox News.

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