Microsoft explains 300's disappearance from Live, licensing for Video Store

The movie 300 has been taken down from the Xbox Live Video Store in the UK, videogaming247 reports, due to the way films are licensed for the service.

"Basically, we get new films for a three month period, typically five months after theatrical release. Thereafter it goes to Sky, then terrestrial," Robin Burrowes, Xbox Live marketing manager for the UK, told the site.

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DrPirate3945d ago

Theatres ---> Digital Distribution ---> DVD/Blu-Ray

Comes full circle.

toughNAME3945d ago

Theatres > Digital Distribution > DVD/Blu-Ray :P

Azures3945d ago

Yea I love having to pay every time I see a movie.

DrPirate3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Sorry toughName, you misunderstood.

I think Blu-Ray is worlds better than theatre and digital distribution. I was just referring to the order which they come out in.

Nevermind, I think it was me that misunderstood your post, hence why you put the ":P".

GodsHand3945d ago

Digital Distribution is that the legal one or the other?
Because I like free.

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SSCOOLCHEA3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

that the downloaded movies is in real HD ? If you do than microshaft has got you fool ...Might as well just go buy a flippin DVD for 5 bucks or order ON demand better quality than that crap...remember kiddies upconvert is no good

Exhaust3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

All HD content is compressed unless on physical media like Blu Ray. The fact is the 360 is providing an option to rent movies through DD. While its not pure HD like a Blu ray its still nice if you want to rent a movie from your couch. Not every movie is worth the $30 to $35 to buy the Blu Ray disc.

Just because the console you worship doesn't support this option yet doesn't make it a bad feature. You think when Sony deploys movie downloads they'll be uncompressed? Cause if you do you're more of a mindless fanboy then your posts suggest.

Personally I'd rather have the option available to me. Options are a good thing. Maybe thats why I don't worship one console but own all three.

Mr Marbles3945d ago

would anyone disagree with you Exhaust, only an unadulterated complete utter moron would disagree with what you said, and agree with the mindless lump of clay above you.

Exhaust3945d ago

The disagreers won't reply. Gotta support their "team".

Panthers3945d ago

Are you saying which is greater than the other or the order which it comes out?

DrPirate3945d ago

The order of course.

Whatever is better is up to your personal preference.

The original point is, the people that will end up owning the movie and being able to watch it anytime they want for as long as it exists will be the ones who own it on a physical medium.

whoelse3945d ago

So XBL isn't all its cracked up to be ;)

lodossrage3945d ago

It sorta says you'll have to watch a movie within a certain time frame. Rather than the freedom of watching a movie whenever you want.

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