Square Enix Hiring For 'Tomorrow's Gaming Systems'

NowGamer: Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix is advertising positions to work with its Luminous Studio and new next-gen game engine.

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NukaCola1965d ago

Make Kingdom Hearts III you rat bastards. I can't believe we have went an entire generation without a current gen KH game.

TM3331965d ago

You said it! I remember when I got a PS3 very close to launch. I kept dreaming of what the next Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy games would look like. Little did I know it was all just a dream that would never come to fruition. So many missed opportunities that could have been AWESOME this generation.

L6RD7BLU31964d ago

Square Enix Is probably ROFLING everytime someone mentions KH3 LOL

zerocrossing1965d ago

If Square are going to keep pulling the same shit they did this gen Id rather they stay out of the next gen all together.

ayabrea931965d ago

please just finish this gen's games. some people are still waiting for versus and FF X hd.

Canary1965d ago

Tomorrow's Gaming Systems + Yesterdays Business Practices = Today's Least Competent Developer.

Spookshow1965d ago

Hope they rescue FF from the joke FFXIII was...

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