Defiance Launching on April 2nd, Full 'Join the Fight' Trailer Released

Trion Worlds has announced that Defiance will officially launch worldwide on April 2nd! The much-anticipated release date is something we've been curious about for a long time as Defiance has long been rumored for an April release date.

This April 2nd date will correspond nicely with the projected April debut date of the Defiance SyFy program, as well.

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THC CELL2115d ago

This is good but I'd much rather play for free online on ps3

Belking2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

Then go ahead, no one's stopping you.

Steelmanner2115d ago

Good then I won't have to deal with people like you on Xbox Live

WeAreLegion2115d ago

I'm reporting this for that title. The article says PS3, 360, and PC. WHY would you just say Xbox 360 on the title?

BanBrother2115d ago

Crow, you might also want to report the one from last week that said 'coming to PS3'. There was no mention of PC or 360 in the heading.

Point being, harden the f*** up, who cares. It will be available'to'black people,white people, men and women etc /s

2115d ago