Japan Gets Three Metal Gear Packs

The latest issue of Famitsu reports that Konami will be commemorating the Japanese release of MGS4 with three packages. The game's base pack includes MGS4 and Metal Gear Online. But real fans of the sneak will want to pick up the Special Edition box set, which includes a Blu-ray disc featuring all the trailers released so far along with making-of footage. Finally, there's the premium pack, which will include everything in the Special Edition version along with a PlayStation 3 unit.

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Iamback3943d ago

Maybe little 2 much, kids might get confused

sonarus3943d ago

thats not fair. I want a limited edition too. I am quite satisfied with the color of my ps3 so i could really care less about the special edition with a new ps controller but what a way to sell ps3's. Nice work sony for working with konami to use mgs4 as a system seller. The real question is are you really planning on selling this for 500?. 450 at least

Rikitatsu3943d ago

i didn't like the separate version idea

Mainman3943d ago

I hope it is only a starterpack, I really want MGO to be a seperate title.

meepmoopmeep3943d ago

from what i've heard, MGO is only a starter pack with the full version coming out later on

niall773943d ago

but I guess all this leaked news is the "re-energance day" info Ryan Peatant was talking about on the KP report.


Keowrath3943d ago

Hahaha "being confused is a key part of Metal Gear."


DarkSniper3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Dear Gamestop,

This letter is a notification of the preparation that will be needed to ensure that once Metal Gear Solid is released in North America, the transition will be executed smoothly and properly. Besides selling several million PLAYSTATION®3 units, it's strongly suggested by all of the Sony Snipers nationwide that another register needs to be opened for dedicated console trades.

People will be trading in their XBOX 360's in order to enjoy the true definition of "Playing B3yond" and this stems from dissatisfaction from the deceit and lies from Microsoft Corporation. Get those cash registers ready and get those TV's ready because you will be testing a lot of potentially defective XBOX consoles.

Thank you,


shadowghost7523943d ago

even though i am not in the US , i am live in England i can see that happening over here 2

meepmoopmeep3943d ago

i wish they would add the soundtrack and an art book or history of the saga book

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