Review scores - How low is too low for a purchase?

GoNintendo wants to know what it takes for you to purchase a game. How closely do you look at review scores, and how much do they influence your purchase? Is there a certain score barrier that you won't cross? GoNintendo dives into why review pooling may not be the best way to go about making game purchases.

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marinelife93914d ago

Review scores do influence me but also what other gamers say about the game on forums. If it's less than an 8.5 it's an automatic rental at first. But lately I've just been buying the game and selling it on Ebay when I'm done with it.

I'll usually buy a game if it has replay ability like with an online component. Or the gameplay is long enough to justify how long it's going to keep me entertained.

ruibing3913d ago

I would say anything above 7.5 is worth a look, but it depends on the genre for me. I am much more lenient towards a JRPG than some action or FPS game when it comes to the score.

Seraphim3913d ago

yeah, this is a kind of a two sided deal. When it comes to RPGs reviews can't be trusted and that's the simple fact of the matter. A good-solid RPG rarely gets a score of 7.5 or higher. So for RPGs it's easy to look at a mainstream review of 7.5 and figure it's actually a pretty solid game. Which is why when I want to read a good RPG review I rely on Play Magazine or an RPG exclusive website... But RPGs are generally rated real low...

When it comes to most any other genre a score of 8.0 is a good buy if it's something you're interested in. imo a score of 8.0 means it's it's a solid game, worth adding to your collection and playing. But only if it's something of interest to begin with. Anything lower normally means a pretty average-crappy game that has some to a lot of faults...

Anyway, I rarely base my decision to buy a game off reviews. Normally I know what I want and what I'll like and so far my track record has been pretty good. Often I'll read reviews just to get the scoop on a game but I never base my decision off a score. And the only reason I even read reviews is because I have a subscription to 3 gaming mags. In the rare instances that a game wasn't on my radar or I was on the fence about, a review will persuade me to buy it. Very seldom does it happen but it does happen from time to time...

wiizy3914d ago

its mostly clowns and idiots rating games on sites.. they base it on fanboyish and their own nonsense laws rather then play the game and really critic it.. like that idiot that gave smash bros brawl a 9.3, what has he been playing lair or ratchet and clank and wanted to express his anger by giving smash a 9.3 or maybe he has been playing devil may cry and feel that since smash is killing it in japan its up to him to justify that game... alot of reviewers makes no sense when they are reviewing a game.. they will say well i like the wii controls but i'll stick to gamecube and give the game a low score for that. and that shows how silly a person can be when the game has 4 controls. and as far as the wii is concern most reviewers are like so call hardcore ,play shooters all day fanboys and they cant get the grasp of innovation so it'll be a year when the wii is truly ahead for them to get it and erase that gimmick crap after every month that wii sales are killing the ps3 and xbox 360 to finally get on the consumers level.

Peekay3913d ago

of your post in this thread of topic. 9.3 is a good score.

Daver3913d ago

hmmmm 9.3 is a very good score you idiot.... dont talk about and point out "fanboyism" when you are definetly one of them

hotrider123913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

I dont go by review score. if the game is cool and good graphic and a game I know of I'll buy it. still waiting on nintendo to brake out with some classic re-born games. how long will nintendo live off of mario brawl?? their are thousands of other games could be out.

games4fun3913d ago

videos have more impact on me than a few reviews ever could, if someone shows me a 5-10 min gameplay video then i will be able to make my decision easily, next if i have any questions i look them up and see if they answered them, that is why i know that prototype is going to be great and is worth a buy, i make it a point to ignore review scores they sometimes give out high marks to games i vehemently dislike i would rather do the work myself

Chubear3913d ago

Well said. Editorial reviews are pretty worthless to me this gen and offer very little proper and factual info for me to rely on.

To me, editorial reviews are archaic and past their due date.
Community based info & rating system is more the way to go seeing as user created content is a desired destination for the general community.

meepmoopmeep3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

i read the reviews for the content, not scores. i see what everyone has to say about the good and bad for each game. i don't tend to let others make decisions for me.

i've played games that scored super high and won awards and crap and played them and hated them, while there were many games that scored low that i absolutely loved.

I"M my best reviewer... everyone else can go to Hell for all i care

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