This Uncharted Clone Looks Like it's Worth a Peek


It’s not too often that I see games that very brazenly copy other games. Typically, I don’t have very good things to say about them, but I’m honestly impressed by Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta. Why? Because it looks like some serious effort went into making it. Somebody put heart and soul into recreating Nathan Drake and naming him something different, somebody worked hard at creating a villain I don’t care about and somebody put some real effort into the script to recreate Nathan Drake's sense of humor.

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LOGICWINS1906d ago

The fact that you took the time to follow the link to this page says otherwise.

NewMonday1906d ago

this will be great for an Android device, home of clone software.

LOGICWINS1906d ago

Can't wait to play it! I'll be able to alternate between this and Golden Abyss whenever I don't have my Vita on me.

Wintersun6161906d ago

That's like alternating between a gaming PC and a stick. Have fun.

LOGICWINS1906d ago Show
aliengmr1906d ago

Wintersun616 wins!

Bubble for a good laugh.

NukaCola1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

So will no one point out that this game has the main guy wearing those gay, yet highly protective knee pads? That we can say Uncharted did not provide inspiration for.


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Abdou231906d ago

As a middle Eastern, i can say that i won't be supporting the devs. behind this. They should have put there money and resources in something original even if it's not on par with current games.But this is just shameful.

DoomeDx1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Would everybody just chill out?

Its the studio's first game. And they are not triple A developers like Naughty dog.

News flash! Not every game development studio is world famous. there are billions of studios you never heard about, and they are making 'crappy unknown' games. Like this. This one just got in the spotlight for copying Uncharted. Which is without a doubt not a secret for them. Otherwise they wouldnt make it so obvious.

ABizzel11906d ago

LMAO. If ever there was a rip-off / clone. This is it. What platform is it coming to?

tubers1905d ago

So I reckon you haven't heard of iOS and Android devices in terms of games?

Mounce1905d ago

How can anyone say it's worth a peak when it's more of a Copycat than what Uncharted was to Tomb Raider? This thing is a Carbon Copy of it with absolutely shit animation, shit controls and all it's trying to do is ride on what popularity it has :/

Doesn't make sense most of all since it's not a series that garnered a HUGE amount of sales, but still.

No game that promises zero change, zero innovation, zero creativity, should be 'looked at'. Which is why I've not played any Call of Duty games since COD1, after I tried COD4 and saw the lineup, I knew to stay away, lol.

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HarryMasonHerpderp1906d ago

I can't believe how much they ripped off Uncharted, even the dialogue at the end with the Drake rip off. It's just so blatant. They could of done something interesting and something that could stand on it's own if they weren't going out of their way to copy everything from Naughty Dog.
An I thought Tomb Raider was ripping Uncharted off lol.

Perjoss1906d ago

Because Uncharted is a franchise that is totally unique and doesn't rip anything off from games like tomb raider and gears of war.

Dont get me wrong, I love Uncharted, in fact U2 was my game of the year for 2009 by far, but it doesn't really bring anything new to the table does it?

HarryMasonHerpderp1906d ago

There's a difference between similar themes and completely ripping something off.
If you think Uncharted plays anything like a Tomb Raider game then you're crazy. Where as the new Tomb Raider game has taken Uncharted's gameplay and even copy pasted the multiplayer (even the menu's look the same).
Anyway you can't really compare Uncharted taking things from other games to this "Unearthed" game taking things from Uncharted because...well.....look at it! lol

LOGICWINS1906d ago

^^Your acting like a pre-schooler who gets mad because a classmate drew the same picture as you did, even though your picture was better constructed.

Your so focused on this game being a ripoff that your forgeting that this looks like one hell of a downlodable title. Its one thing to say this isn't for you, but to completely trash it in the name of blind developer loyalty just reinforces the N4G stereotype.

shahrukh3391906d ago

No game is ripping of any other game dude... Tomb Raider Started every thing.. Uncharted improved on it, now Tomb Raider is improving on uncharted or atleast trying to...

As for unearthed, it is a poor mans uncharted no doubt

kneon1906d ago

For most games you'd be correct, but this is so obviously copying uncharted. It's not ”inspired" by uncharted or improving on it, it's just a poor copy.

HarryMasonHerpderp1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )


Not at all.
I think it looks great for a downloadable game.
I just think it would of been better if they had come up with their own ideas instead of putting themselves into a position of being "that Uncharted clone" game.
If I had the chance to make a video game I wouldn't be wasting that opportunity to make something that has already been made.
Nothing to do with brand loyalty like you claim it's about contributing to the gaming industry and helping it grow. clones stagnate the industry for example all the developers trying to clone COD has had a negative impact on a lot of games and beloved franchises.

LOGICWINS1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Most gamers game on their phones nowadays. This is an irrefutable fact. Games like this can bridge the gap between downloadable games and full fledged Vita/3DS. For people who don't know what Uncharted is ( MOST gamers), Unearthed (clone or not) can give them a taste of what they're missing out on in the dedicated gaming platform front...thus making more people demamd a higher level of handheld gaming.

In THIS manner, they ARE making this industry grow.

Both franchises will make each other more popular. Everyone wins. This is a GOOD thg. If I offended u with my previous comment, I apologize. Shouldnt have made assumptions of u like that.

stage881906d ago

Terrible. Delete.


Thatguy-3101906d ago

Wow a Carbon copy!! The villain is a wannabe lazaravich. Towards the end instead of driving forward he makes a slight turn and heads for the helicopter that's collapsing

TheEnigma3131906d ago

This game has reemerged again? Even the title font is uncharted style.

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