GamePro Preview: Prototype Perfects the Open-World Genre

Has Radical Entertainment perfected the open-world genre with Prototype? GamePro think so.

From the preview by Travis Moses:

"I can't wait for Prototype. A recent showing at a massive GDC party recaptured my attention for the chaotic open-world brawler. I've been telling my fellow GamePro editors that the action is fast-paced and messy, but in a good way. The core gameplay is like Assassin's Creed meets Crackdown on speed. Alex Mercer, the genetically enhanced shape-shifting Prototype, can free-run the environment (Parkour) just like Altair, but faster, and has super-human strength that allows him to leap tall buildings in a single bound and pick up vehicles."

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mightydog013943d ago

cant wait look like its going to be brill and fun....loads of great games coming.....