Next Singstore update revealed

The next list of songs to be added to the Singstore has been revealed today, and there are over 60 of them.

Sony have been getting some stick regarding the lack of updates to the store, however recently they seem to be on the ball and have been updating the store every two weeks. This latest update will appear on the 7th March and include the following songs.

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Hapimeses3940d ago

Sweet Jesus! I'm gonna be skint!

I. Cannot. Let. My. Wife. See. This.


pandabear3940d ago

Great update - but yeah will be expensive to keep up - there is now a good mix of music for all and my wife will love this - especially Britney & spice girls.

Personally I'm delighted about Crash Test Dummies - I know ALL the words for chorus :-)

achira3940d ago

nice to know. i will buy some tracks.