Developer Defends Dead Space 3 Microtransactions

Matt Maguire: ''When Dead Space 3 appeared to have gone all brotastic co-op cover shooter at last year's E3, the reason given was simple: EA wanted the game to appeal to a wider audience. The reason for that was equally straight-forward: Dead Space 3 needs to sell five million copies for the series to continue, according to EA Labels president Frank Gibeau.

Okay, but considering that estimates have the total combined sales for previous Dead Space games (excluding Extraction) at around that number, the game will need expand its audience greatly if it has any hope of clearing that hurdle.

Or will it? Last week it was revealed that Dead Space 3 would include microtransactions, which, if successful, may ease the sales pressure somewhat. However, they are unpopular enough in the mobile space, and their inclusion in a hardcore full price singleplayer title has many concerned about game balance and what sort of precedent is being set. The words "slippery slope" come to mind...''

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Son_Lee2145d ago

No kidding, not like they're gonna dis their own business tactics.

NewMonday2145d ago

don't know what the problem with this is as long as the game is balanced as a standalone , it is done for many games for years, why complain now?

and this is only for SP, and only an option for some players.

Son_Lee2145d ago

It's fine as long as it's optional and you can still earn the exact same items in-game. I won't support a company forcing me to cough up money for in-game unlockables.

-Falaut-2145d ago

The problem is that it sets a precedent. And in the wacky and bizaro industry that we love so much, for reasons that still elude me, others look at this and say "lets do it too" despite it being rather unpopular.

At least the online pass BS seems to have come and gone. Somewhat.

NewMonday2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

that is what I don't understand, it is not a precedent, it like that for years now.

the original complaints about the DS3 DLC was about the use in Co-Op MP which is legitimate, but this is overdoing it

BanBrother2145d ago

I can understand that everyone is pissed off, but what about Battlefield? Those games let you purchase all MP unlocks (for a hefty price I might add) but people never mention that.

I have certain ideals and values, and one of them is to not be a hypocrite. Maybe other should give it a go. But, you can make an exception for other games like Battlefield right?

FYI to all the whiners, I don't buy Battlefield OR this (I'll borrow it from a friend). That way, I don't look like an idiot when I'm trolling Dead Space articles and praising Battlefield ones :-)

Just gonna sit back, and wait for the inevitable teenage nerd rage and how much more they know than me throughout their insignificant life :-)

trenso12145d ago

people have complained about the battlefield short cut packs but thats for multiplayer, which i dont believe gives you an advantage you still have to learn how to use it and dont know when the nest time is,plus the experience that is gained when unlocking that stuff. but micro transactions in single player is like paying for cheat codes that give you ammo and supplies. It completely defeats the purpose of single player as far as progression in upgrades go

ziggurcat2145d ago

there are unlock packs for a couple of singleplayer campaigns i can think of... modnation racers being one of them.

i really could care less if the micro-transactions apply to items you would normally get through game progression/exploration. i certainly won't be buying into it, and EA isn't putting a gun to anyone's head... it's pretty useless to complain about something that literally has no impact on the game if you choose to ignore it.

Sovereign592145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Why then didn't anyone complain when both of the previous Dead Space games had downloadable weapon and armor packs released at launch for purchase? These were singleplayer items, usage of them would decrease the overall difficulty and challenge of the games, and they have not been held in contempt as the, in my opinion, inferior weapon crafting equipment is currently.

BanBrother2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )


Your missing the point. What you are saying is it is unfair that people get to breeze through the SP campaign, which DOES NOT effect you, but unlocking weapins in BF3 MP (which DOES effect you) is okay? Must be opposite day, as I'm not even drunk yet.

EDIT: spelling. Trenso, I suggest reading over your comment btw, maybe you will see the blatant hypocrisy and/or broken logic.

Sovereign592145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

These microtransactions REALLY aren't a big deal. If someone wants to pay a little more of their own money to grant themselves early access to something EVERYONE will be able to acquire by playing the game normally, so what? I'm pretty sure someone from Visceral has already confirmed that a person will not be able to just purchase tons of weapon parts and resources during the opening chapters of the game with which they can instantly forge a superweapon to tear through the campaign. Even if they could, it seems like the people that take issue with the microtransactions are for the most part the same people that are anti-co-op (Which I must admit I am also, I will only be playing co-op with a friend after completing the campaign solo at least twice) and why does anyone that will not be playing co-op care if someone else out there that they will NOT be forced to play the game with will be able to purchase a few extra parts for weapon crafting?

Anyways, I feel like everyone is being quick to judge Dead Space 3. I was very worried that this would be a giant step even further away from the masterpiece that was the original Dead Space. Dead Space 2 was a good game, slightly less horror and more action than its predecessor, but I still greatly enjoyed the experience, and I now have hope that 3 will be just as good, if not better. The marketing has been focusing on the action aspects on the game, which was worrying, leading us to believe that it was going to have far fewer scares than the last two installments, but over the past couple days I've seen a livestream of Dead Space 3 gameplay, and some walkthroughs are starting to pop up on youtube, and to my delight they contain much of the horror we should expect and deserve in a Dead Space game.

sdozzo2145d ago

Agreed. It's not the transactions... Youare right about that. It's the amount of units they need to push.

El_Colombiano2145d ago

If a dev needs to make the game more generic to sell X amount of copies to keep the series alive, then the series is already dead...

sdozzo2145d ago

5 million! No chance they move that many units. Why develop a game against those odds. This is why studios close and people get laid off... Ridiculous expectations.

flyingmunky2145d ago

No kidding. Instead of getting rid of the developers they should get rid of the fat cats in the administration and their bloated salaries.

Besides working on a fresh ip won't sell as many units, I have no idea why they put there expectation at 5 million.