Naruto Storm 3: Edo Kages Confirmed Playable

The Second Tsuchikage, the Third Tsuchikage, the Third Raikage, and the Fourth Kazekage!

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tayz2144d ago

w00t w00t! we knew they were gonna be in but its good to see it!!

Y_51502144d ago

Coincidently they released this around the same time when the battle against these Kages in the anime.

But wow @how many selectable characters!

tayz2144d ago

omg i just read the chapter, holy freaking shizzz!!

TreMillz2143d ago

its not the 4 summoned Hokages from the new chapter, its the others

Y_51502143d ago

I was talking about the anime not the manga. I just rad the latest chapter, I know how this would play out now. :)

animegamingnerd2143d ago

@tremillz when i read it i was for a second thinking it was the 4 hokages from the new chapter but nope

KillaManiac2143d ago

Wow i'm glad I read since yall are doing HUGE spoilers.

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