Nintendo Sells Three Million Wii U Units, But Takes a Hit

Stephen Totilo: ''Nintendo sold just over three million Wii U systems worldwide from the system's November launch through to the end of December, with over 1.3 million of them selling in America. Both Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U have sold over two million copies.

The sales don't offset some bad news from Nintendo—bad news that was expected and seemed to spur the unusually positive, news-rich Nintendo Direct showcase of last week. Nintendo is dropping its financial forecast for the next three months. Where they once expected to make about 20 million yen, they now expect to lose about 37 million.''

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ABizzel12117d ago

There's a lack of compelling games right now, and although the Nintendo Direct has helped with this, there's no firm date on when the majority of those games are coming.

Most people will wait until E3 and hopefully a price cut in time for the holidays before jumping on board.

jimbobwahey2117d ago

Nintendo should build a couple more software development studios. Seeing them talk in the Nintendo Direct video about how games will take longer to make now just shows what a stubborn company they are that still refuses to get with the times.

Guess what every other developer did when they faced this problem? They hired more staff and expanded their studios. It's not like Nintendo is hurting for cash after how much they made with the Wii, but instead they'd rather have their loyal fans buy-in and wait even longer for releases than they did with the original Wii, which was already appalling with how few and far between worthwhile games were.

They have absolutely no excuse any more, and I'm glad that people are starting to wise-up now and hold back from buying Nintendo hardware. Until they start thinking about their customers and providing more than one decent game a year, they won't see any of my money.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32117d ago

They don't need a price cut, the vita sure does. Nintendo needs to get those games out sooner. Like someone else has said, Wii U is basically selling over a million a month and it'll pass the Vita here ahortly. No gloom or doom here, lol.

MikeMyers2116d ago

Is there any source for how well 3rd party games have done on the Wii U?

ABizzel12116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )


I didn't say they needed a price cut, I said, "Most people will wait until E3 and hopefully a price cut in time for the holidays before jumping on board."

Meaning people aren't going to go out in masses and buy the Wii-U until they know what's in store for the future and the dates of Mario-U, Zelda-U, Super Smash, Xenoblade, Bayonetta 2, Metroid-U, Pokemon-U, etc...

And on top of that most people on the fence are waiting for a price-cut as well. Many core gamers were burned by the Wii, and Nintendo has a lot of work ahead of them to prove that they can put their fears to rest with the Wii-U. And that's done by games, price, and value. And a solid library of games and a $250 price is what will set the Wii-U on fire, and give second thoughts to anyone deciding on whether to buy a Wii-U, PS4, or Nextbox this holiday.


Sales have been grim. ZombiU is the best selling 3rd party game and also the 3rd best selling game on the Wii-U and it's yet to reach 500,000 in sales. Only Super Mario Bros. Wii-U and Nintendoland have broken the 1 million mark.

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MEsoJD2117d ago

That's what I'm expecting/hoping.

user39158002117d ago

I agree, price cut, but probably in another 4 month, they are going to loose 37 million if they cut price now they will loose even more. They will settle with high price till the marging is drained, but problem is, that marging of expectancy was too high to began with, the reason forecast gone down the drain, same happened with 3ds. outrageous price drove profits to a low consent. WII-U will be Big N nightmare, for they were counting on both casual and hardcore to eat the shi* sandwich, but fail to realise the market. This is what happened when you bring old hardware that its comparable with whats already in market, 8 year old tech thats been used on PS3 and 360 its not an amasing advancement, but a lack of vision. WII-U will sale alot when price drop, but expect a gamecube sales similar to it. Big N lost focus with wii-u and sold irrelevant hardware with a gimmick controller that was no inspiration at all.

LOGICWINS2117d ago

My prediction will come true.

The Wii U won't be able to sustain its current price point for much longer. It's amusing that an average joe like me could see it, but Nintendo couldn't.

nukeitall2116d ago

I a price cut will spur temporary sales, but is not really the solution. It sounds like Nintendo is actually loosing money on each Wii U sold.

The only real solution is to provide real value via software updates and a compelling experience.

So far I have just been confused with what Nintendo Networks social feature really is....

BitbyDeath2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Ninty probably will at E3 to try balance against the other console announcements. Not til then though.

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QuebecSuperstar2117d ago

Contrary to others, I won't try to interpret these numbers but I gotta say, as a big fan of Nintendo, I don't like this.

Old McGroin2117d ago

Don't want to be repeating myself too often but I think what's had a major impact on their sales is the fact that a hell of a lot of people have no clue that the Wii U is a new console. I had mentioned to a few buddies a few weeks ago that I had picked up a Wii U for Christmas and most of them didn't know what it was and the few that had heard of it thought it was a new accessory for the Wii. The marketing for the Wii U has been dismal, I'm not even sure I've seen an ad on TV for it yet! The only ad I had heard of was the one that had been taken down because of a few complaints and I had only seen that on the net!

lovegames7182117d ago

Nintendo will be fine they have enough money to make up for that. Also once games like Pokemon come out theyll make a killing!!!!!

In this economy theirs rarely a company that doesnt take losses and then makes up for them except for of course Apple lol Their forecast always seems to be on the up and up.

360ICE2117d ago

Best. Analysis. Ever.

lilbroRx2117d ago Show
n4f2116d ago

wait have you saw apple stock lately?
they have took a loss

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

"Nintendo is blaming softer demand for older systems, including the original Wii." ??

Wii and 3ds still outselling wiiU..

They should have called it wii2 so casuals would get the message. They probably think it's a wii addon controller thingy.

@ backubatteryman345

Must be some truth if Ninty is lowering it's sales expectation by 1.5M no?

@disagrees sorry I mean wiiU is outselling everything and is doing 10X better than wii did has the best collection of casual and hardcore games and is the greatest device in the history of mankind. fixed..

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1upgamer992117d ago

I am guessing that with the price cut, Nintendo thought they would sell more Wii's than they did. I don't really know why Nintendo would think that, but I guess they did. Who would buy a Wii now most people either have one or have had one, and the Wii U is backwards compatible. I have quite a few friends who are buying Wii U next month. They all come here to play mine, and really like it, But they were Wii haters the past few years. Two of my Friends are waiting to see if Alien gets pushed back on Wii U. I just checked and I have seen some websites say Feb 12th and others N/A.

RuperttheBear2117d ago

'Wii and 3ds still outselling wiiU.. '

The ps2 was outselling the ps3 for ages, and the psp continues to outsell the Vita. What's your point?

stuna12116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Yes you're quite right about the ps2 outselling the ps3! But there is a major difference as too why! The ps3 at the time was 3 to 4 times the price of the ps2! I know because I bought mines for $744.

On the difference on prices concerning the WII & 3ds are not as glaringly obvious.

Compare $350 to $125 or $200, there still is a major difference monetary wise.

OT: Like I said in another article awhile back, nintendo naming their new console WII U has been its own crutch! Most haven't researched what the WII U really is.

True story.... Was at my local gamestop, woman comes in speaks to one of the employees, I hear her say that her son was asking her for the new Ipad controller thingy for the WII. See there are those who know about the tablet part of the WII U, but when it come to the console as a whole, not so much.

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