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Dead Space 3 Executive Producer Blatantly Lying About Offering The Same Experience On All Platforms

DSOGaming writes: "You know what? It's really ironic when you see an executive producer contradicting himself in a matter of days. Last week, we informed you about Dead Space 3 and that it would be a simple port. In order to - somehow - calm PC gamers down, the game's executive producer, Steve Papoutsis, told Shacknews that Visceral Games wants to offer the same experience on all platforms, and that's precisely why they did not overhaul the PC version. Now the reason we didn't inform you about this was simple; it was just a bunch of lies, therefore we decided to wait for the right moment to strike. And that moment comes right a few days later (thanks to GameTrailers), when Visceral Games reveals that the X360 will support specific Kinect commands." (Dead Space 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

hiredhelp  +   630d ago
Awsome read definatly makes me thinking about canceling my pre-order PC, witch real shame hmmm.
hennessey86  +   630d ago
You will still be able to play in a better resolution and with better AA
MestreRothN4G  +   630d ago
Not to mention the hilarious extra bugs and glitches.
Azfargh  +   630d ago
Steve Papoutsis... my man... you are one of my top favorite developers... but this is fudged up.

Same experience? I got to say, is dissapointing... put PS Move support and some equivalent compensation on PC and we can forget this... or just don't lie to your costumers.
hellvaguy  +   630d ago
He said he "wants to offer the same experience on all platforms".

Not his fault that the pc doesn't have psmove or kinect on it. Less than 5% of gamers would actually use it anyway, lets be real.

I think it's a pretty long stretch to claim someone's is lying, just for giving his opinion.
Norrison  +   630d ago
You know, PC is getting kinect support.

I don't know why people are complaining, the pc version of Dead space games has always been a meh port, but its no GTA 4.
dcbronco  +   630d ago
Adding Move support adds cost to the developer they apparently didn't want to spend. Adding Kinect voice is little cost since Kinect has that ability built in.
cgoodno  +   630d ago
What? Utilizing Move is just as easy as adding voice control. With the move the biggest worry you have is if you ever have specific motions to code into the app, otherwise all you're doing is accepting the same x,y,z point data from a different controller, which is handled natively on the PS3 the way voice control is managed by Kinect.

Your comment shows a lack of understanding on how data from controllers are sent and handled. It's all data handled by the system natively, not something you have to code from the ground up each time you build a game (let alone the first game).
dcbronco  +   630d ago
With Kinect and voice you do next to nothing since the Kinect device understands voice on it's own. Other developers have made that clear in the past. Move doesn't. The only difference is voice control.
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nukeitall  +   630d ago

That is only partially true, as you still have to test it seeing as how the PS Move also submits additional info that the DualShock does not. So now you have to handle that additional input. You might also have to experiment to see what the best way to implement PS Move with Dead Space control schemes.

Voice control is much easier to add, especially if it has a nice API like the Kinect does. It's practically plug and release with minimal testing. The recognition work is all done by MS and pretty damn good from my personal experience.
cgoodno  +   630d ago
***That is only partially true, as you still have to test it seeing as how the PS Move also submits additional info that the DualShock does not. So now you have to handle that additional input. ***

Nope, you can ignore all that additional data. You only need x,y,z for the move wand compared to one of the joysticks. Otherwise, it's exactly the same and you can ignore the rest. That other stuff is if you want to implement more than just aiming and shooting, such as specific gestures.

The _only_ thing you need to implement, which is also native, is sensitivity controls. All of this just adjustments to the point data being sent.

***Voice control is much easier to add, especially if it has a nice API like the Kinect does.***

Nope. You have to program all of the possible commands and make sure they are never overpowered by game sound and have their own sensitivity controls.

Sorry, no.

All of this "voice control is so easy" is just advertising Kinect because Microsoft paid for the feature to advertise Kinect. Move implementation is even easier because it's just providing you the same point data you already use in determining player movement and actions.
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dcbronco  +   630d ago
If voice control is the difference, how did we get on movement. I understand you are saying it's easy too. Maybe MS paid them to add it. But maybe they also thought it would be more useful than movement ability. Movement doesn't seem to be that popular. The voice commands do seem to make it better though.
cgoodno  +   629d ago
@dcbronco: Because Sony doesn't pay them to do it. Both are about as desired by the general public, which means pretty much ignored. It comes from just getting a bit of an extra incentive to implement it. The companies themselves won't show support for one console over another and put out the most equal game across the board until they get that bit of incentive.
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Arksine  +   630d ago
To be fair, Dead Space 2 came with Dead Space Extraction, ported to the PS3 with move support.

I dont mind Visceral throwing 360 players a bone with Kinect Commands. They may add something for that audience, but its nothing that really changes the core experience.

I do get where the author is coming from though. Pap should have simply said that they did not want to delay release of the game to port the PC version to DX11. Instead he came up with a BS excuse that has backfired on him.
joab777  +   630d ago
I dont listen to them anyway. Most gamers know that it isnt true. Soon you will hear that crysis 3 maximized all console power and the experience is the same accross systems. But anyone with a good pc that buys crysis 3 for console is an idiot. At least they built crysis 3 for the oc instead of dumbing it down for consoles. Anyway, if u love kimnect controls, it is a good sell. Otherwise ppl are gonna buy it for the system they are most comfortable on, which they were gonna anyway. And i think he was in reference to the actual gameplay. Good to know though...i guess
tubers  +   630d ago
As long as the PC version doesn't get locked to 30 fps and can easily go with full 1080p, I still don't see a very good reason for me to get a PS3 version over a PC (I only own both and have no 360).
MaleManSam  +   630d ago
Woah woah woah woaaahh woaahh..

Are the graphics going to be better on PC? Or is just some port, that's my main concern.
Skate-AK  +   630d ago
Well it's a straight up port.

hellvaguy  +   630d ago
And this is why you don't talk to the media. And if you do, you don't give specifics.

Statements you make are cut and pasted, taken out of context, blown up, etc. Let the product speak for itself.
FantasyStar  +   630d ago
Can't return open games.
Freddy_Millz1  +   630d ago
If your thinking its not the same experience because Xbox gets Kinect support, then that's not much of an argument. From my research, Kinect hasn't done ANYTHING right since it was announced. I have a PS3 and while i see that both systems were trying to compete with the Wii attracting all casual gamers, I can do without the Move.

Lest we forgot about the infamous "Check out the bottem of my avatar's shoe while i snap every bone in his body." incident? or maybe the Star Wars Kinect crap? How about STEEL FRIGGIN BATTALION? The Move is just as bad with probably a smaller library.

If they are using the Kinect as the major selling point after 50% of gamers probably hate the game for the changes that were made....probably not gonna get much sells. IMHO of course.
MasterCornholio  +   630d ago


I actually remember watching the press conference live on my 360 (which i got rid of soon after the conference)
Hufandpuf  +   630d ago
"Kinect hasn't done ANYTHING right since it was announced"

So the Just Dance series isn't making tons of money and selling tons of copies? I don't have a Kinect, but you can't say it hasn't done ANYTHING right.
Freddy_Millz1  +   630d ago
Your absolutely right sir. I was being a bit unfair to the Kinect. It does Dancing games right.

I never would of remembered that had i not had more respect for myself to stand in front of a screen and dance like an old Brittney Video. You seem like u have enough sense aswell, not owning a Kinect at all. Good on you sir.

P.S...thats not my Disagree, i seriously agree with you.
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dosempire  +   629d ago
Dance games on kinetic works really well. But only just dance games.
nofallouthero  +   630d ago
dead space 3 better with kinect
funny stuff
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Fishy Fingers  +   630d ago
I'd take 1080p (or whatever) @ 60fps over any form of Kinect/Move support. I don't think many PC gamers will feel left out by the lack of motion control, console port maybe, but that's hardly uncommon.
wheresmymonkey  +   630d ago
The Kinect controls have been confirmed for months. Still its understandable if you think about it why viseral wouldn't put that much effort into the PC version. for a start, they're a console dev. secondly i bet most people that want to play Dead Sapce will be doing so on either a PS3 or 360.

Console games getting staight ports to the PC isn't a new phenomena at all. Dark Souls was pretty much a straight port and no one complained about that.

Likewise Consoles getting parred down ports of PC games is hardly something that hasn't happened for years either.

Still you cant expect them to come out and say hey PC gamers you're not our area of expertise and moreover you are the smallest section of our fanbase, so we thought we'd focus our efforts on getting it right for the bigger audience. It would of been refreshing to see that kind of honesty but from EAs point of view it would of been a PR nightmare.
AdmiralSnake  +   630d ago
Actually a lot of people complained about dark souls being a port, a very bad one at that.
Norrison  +   630d ago
Because it ran at 30 fps and 720p.
1nsomniac  +   630d ago
I hate it when developers make this statement, it makes them look like idiots!

I remember a time before developers were allowed to be openly lazy. Where games were developed for there specific platform instead of, for some reason being scared of what certain platforms can do better than others & limiting it to the lowest denominator...

...Good times!!
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Lvl_up_gamer  +   630d ago
I will be playing on the 360 and I own Kinect so the "option" to have the best Dead Space 3 gaming experience for me will always be available.

Options are good. The ability to decide how I will play a game is even better.
jay2  +   630d ago
Says a lot, come on how many people have a mic? this is surely doable on the ps3 using pseye and a pc using a web cam and mic?
coaidant  +   630d ago
haters gonna hate

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