Dead Space 3 Ending LEAKED, Beware Major Spoilers

A new gameplay footage has arrived on YouTube showcasing Dead Space 3 Ending. The footage carries major Spoilers and so we advice our readers not to watch the footage unless you do not mind being spoiled.

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ArchangelMike2146d ago

Why do people do it? Whats the point of leaking the ending? You don't see books and movie endings being leaked. It's called common etiquette, something that I guess is sorely missing from the gaming community.

iamnsuperman2146d ago

Actually you do. At least they had the decency to tell you of major spoilers so you don't have to watch if you don't want to. It isn't like this is labeled as new Dead Space footage only it to be the ending

Soldierone2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

If the game or movie gets popular, then people do.

For example Spider-Man was getting big during the transition to 700, people couldn't wait to go to all the forums and go "SPIDER BLA BLA BLA" Same with everything else that gets popular

People are idiots. (not you, just the people that do this)

phantomexe2146d ago

I think i'll hold off on watching this because i'm getting the game.

Son_Lee2146d ago

Wow that was terrible. I knew the story was gonna suck but this just takes the cake.

Irishguy952146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Haha yeah it did suck/ Dead space is a terrible franchise anyway.

Edit--- No they aren't, they all suck. For Dead Space 3 the devs just finally understood that the series is not scary.

Son_Lee2146d ago

Wrong. Dead Space 1 & 2 are some of the best games this gen, which makes the crushing disappointment of DS3 that much more disheartening.


why does it suck, even if it's not that scary, its still a great game... well at least one and two were.

-Falaut-2146d ago

The ONLY good thing I can say is that they have wrapped everything up and the story is finished. They're not going to milk the franchise any longer...
...oh wait...

ThanatosDMC2145d ago

Dead Space 4 is going to be an FPS with giant hulking space marines or space engineers...

steve30x2146d ago

Ill wait until I finish the game,

pompombrum2146d ago

And the spoiler revealed: You end up coming face to face with the most evil monsters ever created in gaming and you end up killing Kotick and Riccitiello. I give the ending 10/10 of course there is a catch that because of who you killed, there won't be anymore DLC for the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.