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Submitted by colossalblue 1103d ago | opinion piece

PlayStation Plus, And How Sony Look Like They’ve Got It Just Right

"PlayStation Plus might just be the smartest thing Sony have ever done. It is, on the surface, an extraordinarily generous offering from the platform holder: in exchange for roughly the price of one new game subscribers get access to literally dozens (the official line is ‘up to 65′) of other games." (PS Vita, PS3, Tag Invalid)

StrongMan  +   1103d ago
PS+ is the best paid service on consoles by far. It pays for itself. I just downloaded Darksiders for free and love it thanks to PS+. PS+ gives you many free games every month plus huge discounts on PS store content. All for $50 a year. But it's optional. Of course if you don't want it you can still play your games that you paid $60 for online for free and enjoy YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and access your Netflix account all for free on the PS3's as well. It would be criminal for Sony to charge for those free features. PS+ is just the icing on the cake and the industry is in love with it. PS+ is one reason why the PS3 shot to 2nd place trailing only the Wii despite launching a full year behind. I love PS+. I even use it for my avatar.
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Y_5150  +   1103d ago
Day one of Plus: I bought PS plus ASAP when the store updated. There was a fat princess avatar free. What I decided to do is to put that avatar as my new avatar to go right next to my PS+ symbol. It symbolize one thing.

PS+ Spoils You! :P
Karpetburnz  +   1103d ago
I use it for my Avatar to LOL
Dwalls1171  +   1103d ago
Juet call it what it is, its a fantastic service that Actually gives you more then what you pay for

Instead of paying to unlock features that are free everywhere else
berndogskate  +   1103d ago
Plus is amazing value )
berndogskate  +   1103d ago
We need a plus avatar, that would be cool )
OllieBoy  +   1103d ago
I would not have bought a Vita if it wasn't for Plus.

Sony really came through on the Instant Game Collection initiative. It's great if you're an existing PS3/Vita, but even better if you just bought one of the systems.
GusBricker  +   1103d ago
It's a good deal.

I just can't get past their uber slow DL speeds.
Karpetburnz  +   1103d ago
I have never had any problems with download speeds, I have seen many download comaprisons between the two and theyre both about the same speed, I think it just depends on your internet connection. But if you have PS+, you can download updates when you sleep.
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stage88  +   1103d ago

It's your internet connection/setup.
How do I know? Because I use to think the same.
I always thought PSN had really slow downloading speeds until I changed my router. I am now averaging around 1.5MB per second. It absolutely amazing the change in speed I have.
GusBricker  +   1103d ago
Yeah, did that and my PS3 has a wired connection and the damn thing took an hour to DL the Journey demo.

But the worst was about a year ago, I tried to DL InFamous and gave up after about 5-6 hours at like 56%
JoGam  +   1103d ago
At Gus, call sony and have them open the required ports by sony so ur Internet will work faster. I downloaded Journey in like 5mins.
Drakesfortune  +   1103d ago
PS Plus is without a doubt for me the best subscription ive ever signed up hard to see how a ps3 owner can justify not signing up - each to their own i guess
SAE  +   1103d ago
ps+ isnt for every one . it's only good for new players that didnt play many games..

im not using it on ps3 but i am in vita because i dont buy games for it so it's perfect for it ..

Note : i subscribed on uk ps+ and i will for us today just for vita . :P
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Dark_Overlord  +   1103d ago
"it hard to see how a ps3 owner can justify not signing up"

I'll probably get slammed with disagrees (Again) for saying this, but I prefer to own the games and not rent them, which is what PS+ is, a rental service.

The Cloud saving is a great feature (Due to the retarded locked saves), which I'd like them to offer seperately, but highly doubt they will.
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JoGam  +   1103d ago
Dude i used to feel the same way but plus also allow u to own games too by giving u crazy discounts. Besides its not like u own every game plus offers and maybe thought the game sucked. Plus gives u great games u may never buy but be glad u got a chance to play because of plus. No excuse dude. I will perfer u say im broke and cant afford it.
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Dark_Overlord  +   1103d ago
"No excuse dude. I will perfer u say im broke and cant afford it."

Wow, just wow. I can easily afford plus no problem, I easily have over 100 Disc based games and 200 digital games so your statement is way off.

" Besides its not like u own every game plus offers "

Most of the games that have been on plus I own, so that invalidates your comment. Lets take the last 2 months for example

Jan Content

Batman: Arkham City - OWN
Bulletstorm - OWN
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition - OWN

Feb Content

Sleeping Dogs - OWN
Quantum Conundrum - OWN
F1 Race Stars - Dislike racing games, so no buy anyway

"Plus gives u great games u may never buy but be glad u got a chance to play because of plus"

Most games nowadays have demos to try so I can check if they suck before buying.

"plus also allow u to own games too by giving u crazy discounts"

Very rarely on the games I want though, and even then the discounts are miniscule.

My main problem with plus, if the game is in the IGC then you cannot buy it (Believe me I asked Sony), you must wait till its off plus before you can buy it, however if you downloaded it during that time then unless you let plus run out, once again you cannot buy it. Very annoying IMO. If you let plus run out you have to reactivate everything one at a time to play them again :/
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g-nome  +   1103d ago
It is way too much value for money ... Sony must be crazy. Enjoying Limbo , Gravity Rush (vita) , Jet Set Radio (vita) at the moment , all for a few dollars on the 90 day trial.
SAE  +   1103d ago
Nah . it's not crazy . it's like paying monthly for a store to rent games but in here you cant choose the games. you also forget that you pay for network each month and this service take a lot from the limit ...

it's good but need to evolve .i know that i will get disagrees but you guys making it as a huge thing but it's a small good step.

This is the truth in my point of view . dont know about you guys...
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CalvinKlein  +   1102d ago
I dont have a limit on my INTERNET hahahah.
SAE  +   1102d ago
mine is unlimited but have limit xD lol
MasterCornholio  +   1103d ago
Ever since i became a member in September i managed to download a ton of great games at no extra cost. And so far im loving the service especially the automatic updates and the cloud saving feature.
Ezz2013  +   1103d ago
the way i see it
sony won this gen in games And online

and of course sales between HD consoles
but i don't give a 2 cent about that
InTheLab  +   1103d ago
Free online is the smartest thing Sony has ever done, followed by the signing of major talent like ND, Santa Monica, MM, GG, PD, and Sucker Punch.

PS+ is nice though...and thank god we've finally ran out of Sony shit to complain about....
tigertron  +   1103d ago
I checked my download list the other day and daaaamn I've got a lot of games to download and play as a result of Plus. Cheers Sony! :D
lovegames718  +   1103d ago
I hate Ps plus that damn service has given me a backlog of games and has eaten up my hdd and vita mem space!!!!!

On another note the service is awesome with crazy discounts that you get to keep forever once you purchase the material. Cant wait to see the Ps Plus/Gakai collaboration i know is coming for the ps4 that is going to be insane!!!!!

Since launch i have been a yearly subscriber and will continue to do so as long as i am able to.
Hicken  +   1102d ago
Plus is awesome.

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