Crysis 3 Beta - Console version looks great but no contest versus PC

At least Crysis 3 shows the vast differences between PC and console gaming at present especially in light of some multi format PC games being held back by consoles.

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iamnsuperman2142d ago

Well it should as it is latest hardware. Is there really a need to compare consoles to PCs in terms of graphics. I mean the PC version is depending on what PC you have. The console version is the same regardless. A better title would be PC version looks great [with no mention of the console version]

decrypt2142d ago

"I mean the PC version is depending on what PC you have."

Its designed with consoles as the lowest denominator. Any Mid range PC probably will be able to max it out. Hell a PC from 4-5 years back will be out performing the console versions.

neoMAXMLC2142d ago

"Hell a PC from 4-5 years back will be out performing the console versions."

Actually no. Because apparently Crytek will only support DX11 now. So even if I have a GPU that's about 3x more powerful than both consoles that play same game combined, I can't play the beta because it doesn't support DX11.

T9002142d ago

Early DX11 GPUs were out in 2009. Thats about 5 years back.

5870 should have no problems outperforming consoles in Crysis 3.

Karpetburnz2142d ago

This is True, You shouldnt compare consoles with PC, of course PC will have better graphics. yet fanboys still get boners because their version looks better than the 7 year old hardware version.

ShadesMoolah2141d ago

Even so, as a console gamer it's interesting to see the differneces, as with next-gen around the corner, I would expect the Xbox/PS4 launch titles to be comparable to today's modern PC games.

pr0digyZA2142d ago

"I mean the PC version is depending on what PC you have"
Although if you can run crysis 3 you will already have better graphics
eg: PC lowest settings



sourav932142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

I tried the beta from Origin yesterday on my laptop, though it's a gaming beast by no means, I managed to get an average of 30fps on medium settings. Come today, I downloaded the beta on my ps3, fired it up, and the first thing I noticed was the huge drop in resolution, AA, and overall picture quality compared to LOW settings on PC (I tried low to see what performance I was getting on my laptop). But that's fine, the console is 7 years old, so the fact that it even runs the game, that's good. But then, when I started moving around and started playing properly, I noticed the biggest flaw. I can't speak for the 360 version, since I only got it for my ps3, but the low framerate made the game almost unplayable! I know what 30fps feels like on the beta because that's what I was getting on my laptop, but the ps3 version was nowhere close. This, mind you, is no way the console's fault. If a game like Killzone 3, which I still think looks better than Crysis 3 (console version), can run relatively smoothly with 24 players online, then why can't this game?

I know that it's a beta, and most likely these flaws will not be present in the final game. But when you see the state of the multiplayer less than a month before the game's full retail release, you have to wonder.

The console version of the beta doesn't look that much different than the console version of crysis 2. So my question is, if they could manage to make Crysis 2's multiplayer smooth, why not this new one? I was looking forward to picking up Crysis 3 for my PS3, since I own both Crysis 1 and 2 on ps3, though I recently bought the max edition of crysis 2 from origin, but with the looks of it, I might have to pick it up for my laptop instead, unless the final game shows a lot of improvements from the beta.

deadfrag2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Thats exactly what i noted when playing CRISIS 3 on origins.I like to play vsync so my gtx580 only gets the game on very high with SMAA at 30fps,but i notice that the 30fps i was getting where actually very fluid on the PC,the game run very fast and fluid at 30fps on PC and i was like WOW wtf i never seen a 30fps game run so fluid, it was marking 30 fps on fraps and i didnt believe it because of the fast game play i was getting !Well i could lower some specs and i might get 60fps in a custom setting but thats to be seen when i get the game and after tweek it, because the multiplayer is a lag fest and im most interested in SP.But today i got to play the console version and i have to tell you people ;i dont have fraps to run on consoles and see the actuall FPS but its obvious that the game is running way bellow 30fps on consoles not to mention the graphics are low specs,EA and Crytek made this game for PC and for ultimate cards just like THEY DID Crisis! This game plays crap on consoles and they are going win lots of cash from the console version because people will go and buy it.Well if you have a dx 11 card forget the console versions if you can get at least 30fps from your card on this game its way better than get the game on console anyway because the 30fps on PC in this game it actually LOOKS AND PLAYS super fluid i guess it haves to be related to the post processing effects they have on PC!Not to mention that the PC version is cheaper too!

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Skate-AK2142d ago

I played the PS3 version for like 10 mins. Doesnt look that great and its blurry. I think Battlefield 3 looks better.

sourav932142d ago

Completely agree. What BF3 lacks in colour, is made up with overall better picture quality.

Skate-AK2141d ago

I know what you mean about the color. I was bummed when it didnt have a color palate like Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Reborn2142d ago

I don't get it. Each time Crysis comes out, do we need an article to tell us PC looks better than console?


steve30x2142d ago

Why do you people approve these news articles? All it does is cause arguments between PC gamers and console gamers. We really dont need these news articles on N4G. Its bad enough on here already.

DA_SHREDDER2142d ago

Crysis 2 was garbage and not fun, and the Crysis 3 demo shows it's just as bad. I don't care if the game looked like real life, it sucks! The beta sucks!!

Detoxx2142d ago

I loved Crysis 2 and I'm about to play Crysis 3 now, just finished downloading the Beta.

Tyre2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

@Da Shredder & others who join/post stupid articles that flame the hate campaign on Crytek & Crysis. Oh Everything sucks? Console looks like shit? What a good argument. Stop beating ur phantom dead horse, don't like it? skip the article about Crysis. And don't post an Article about Crysis at all. Stop using Crysis as a scapegoat to vent ur own boring misery. They are all just opinions of minions...What is the purpose of posting negative remarks and/or posting the stupid comparison articles? hoping others will join in ur misery & make u feel better about urself. Pathetic Losers

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