EA Could Become Hostile in Takeover

Brian Garrity of the New York Post reports: "Electronic Arts isn't ruling out going hostile with its $2 billion bid for rival videogame publisher Take-Two Interactive - even as the company continues to express its desire for a "friendly" deal.

Sources said EA could still pursue other hostile paths that forgo a proxy fight, such as making a tender offer directly to the company's shareholders."

What is a tender offer? It's essentially going directly to investors who own a percentage of a company and offering them a premium, "an offer you can't refuse" type deal at a price higher than their ownership is worth. If EA buys up enough from the individual investors, it could own the majority share in the company. (At least that's my understanding).

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ruibing3941d ago

I think it already is. They are like black plague.

games4fun3941d ago

really? no way!! they are so innocent i would never see this coming !?!

Ureval3941d ago

EA is the antithesis of everything true gamers want. As Ive said before they are the MacDonalds of the gaming world. Make it quick, make it fast, and sell it to those with no taste.

cmrbe3941d ago

it looks like its not going to happen. Fingers crossed.

Gamingshouldbefun3941d ago

@Ureval dude you put it perfectly! bubbles!

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The story is too old to be commented.