Next Famitsu ‘to lift the info ban on popular title’

Gematsu: "Here we go again. And maybe next week, we'll go once more."

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Snookies121212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Doubt it'll be anything exciting... Still, I have a little glimmer of hope. Waiting to be crushed and stomped on yet again. :]

showtimefolks1212d ago

news about

Ff13 versus
Monster Hunter Vita

CalvinKlein1212d ago

I hope its something huge for the VITA that will make all the people in Japan want one.

Snookies121212d ago

A lot of people in Japan said that they planned on buying a Vita this year. So sales are going to start going up for sure. No worries there.

I always hope for the huge things, like a new Chrono game, FFVI or FFVII remake, Kingdom Hearts 3 (despite knowing Nomura stated he wanted to finish Versus first), Versus XIII, etc.

Irishguy951212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

It'll be Versus 13 :D

Hahaha, no it'll be something crap again. Hate Famitsu hype, never delivers.

We must have hope'll come out


Qrphe1212d ago

Idk why we even beat the horse still lol

League_of_Draven1212d ago

The only ban on information is FFvs13. The info is always coming "soon".

Speaking of which, I hear we'll be getting flying cars "soon".

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