Maybe All Games Should Have A ‘Very Easy’ Mode

Kotaku: This morning, I got an e-mail from a Kotaku reader named Jaime.

"I am married to a wonderful woman," Jaime wrote, "but she doesn't enjoy playing videogames. She has from time to time, sat down to watch me play games like Okami, Ico or Shadow of the Colossus. She's a big fan of Studio Ghibli so it was natural for her to have an interest in Ni no Kuni."

Ni no Kuni, a role-playing game that came out last week for PlayStation 3, was in part developed by the animation house Studio Ghibli.

"With that in mind... I think it would be a great idea if they were to release a patch to introduce a 'Very Easy' mode to allow new players (and younger players!) to enjoy the game," Jaime wrote. "It could be anything from dumbing down the AI to lowering the damage received... I certainly wouldn't mind paying extra for such a mode, if it means my wife will finally take the step into actually enjoying games."

I'm with Jaime. Why shouldn't video games like Ni no Kuni come with a Very Easy mode so that anyone can appreciate them?

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NewMonday2146d ago

In Japan the game got an easy mode patch, isn't it in the western version?

the best JRPGs to handle difficulty are ToV and ToG IMOO, they give much more Exp and loot as reward for skill, I never felt the grind because rewards were coming thick and fast.

Kamikaze1352146d ago

Yeah it's in the US/EU version. Though I hear even easy mode offers a good challenge. I wouldn't know since I stuck with Normal for the entire game.

2146d ago
Son_Lee2146d ago

Nothing should stop everyone from enjoying a game. Very ease mode? Bring it on. After all, it's all about options.

MysticStrummer2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

In my view a Very Easy mode already exists, since games have gotten easier in general. Today's Hard is yesterday's Normal and today's Normal is yesterday's Easy, so today's Easy must actually be Very Easy. I'm generalizing of course. Not all games have gone that route but I have noticed quite a few that were noticeably easier this gen. I agree with you though, and would rather they added a Very Easy mode than have the games stealth casualized like they seem to have been.

Son_Lee2146d ago

I agree to a point. As long as very easy modes are optional, all games should include them, even Dark Souls, because it's all options. Games are easier but it has more to do with hand-holding and thinking we need assistance on how to beat a boss when its weak spot is glowing right in front of us. THAT pisses me off, not the actual difficulty of the gameplay.

abzdine2146d ago

i'd call that a welcoming package to casual gamers who mainly play on their phones.

nugnugs2146d ago

new or inexperienced players just need to get over the fear factor of failure, and practice. Most games have an opening period where you run around like a headless chicken but you learn from your mistakes and get incrementally better.
No patience these days.

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The story is too old to be commented.