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Maybe All Games Should Have A ‘Very Easy’ Mode

Kotaku: This morning, I got an e-mail from a Kotaku reader named Jaime.

"I am married to a wonderful woman," Jaime wrote, "but she doesn't enjoy playing videogames. She has from time to time, sat down to watch me play games like Okami, Ico or Shadow of the Colossus. She's a big fan of Studio Ghibli so it was natural for her to have an interest in Ni no Kuni."

Ni no Kuni, a role-playing game that came out last week for PlayStation 3, was in part developed by the animation house Studio Ghibli.

"With that in mind... I think it would be a great idea if they were to release a patch to introduce a 'Very Easy' mode to allow new players (and younger players!) to enjoy the game," Jaime wrote. "It could be anything from dumbing down the AI to lowering the damage received... I certainly wouldn't mind paying extra for such a mode, if it means my wife will finally take the step into actually enjoying games."

I'm with Jaime. Why shouldn't video games like Ni no Kuni come with a Very Easy mode so that anyone can appreciate them? (Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, PS3)

NewMonday  +   947d ago
In Japan the game got an easy mode patch, isn't it in the western version?

the best JRPGs to handle difficulty are ToV and ToG IMOO, they give much more Exp and loot as reward for skill, I never felt the grind because rewards were coming thick and fast.
Kamikaze135  +   947d ago
Yeah it's in the US/EU version. Though I hear even easy mode offers a good challenge. I wouldn't know since I stuck with Normal for the entire game.
j-blaze  +   947d ago
not all games, but yeah Ni no Kuni should have a very easy mode so she and fans can enjoy

side note: Ghibli did the art and cutscense for this game they didn't involve with the story writing or anything
Son_Lee  +   947d ago
Nothing should stop everyone from enjoying a game. Very ease mode? Bring it on. After all, it's all about options.
MysticStrummer  +   947d ago
In my view a Very Easy mode already exists, since games have gotten easier in general. Today's Hard is yesterday's Normal and today's Normal is yesterday's Easy, so today's Easy must actually be Very Easy. I'm generalizing of course. Not all games have gone that route but I have noticed quite a few that were noticeably easier this gen. I agree with you though, and would rather they added a Very Easy mode than have the games stealth casualized like they seem to have been.
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Son_Lee  +   947d ago
I agree to a point. As long as very easy modes are optional, all games should include them, even Dark Souls, because it's all options. Games are easier but it has more to do with hand-holding and thinking we need assistance on how to beat a boss when its weak spot is glowing right in front of us. THAT pisses me off, not the actual difficulty of the gameplay.
abzdine  +   947d ago
i'd call that a welcoming package to casual gamers who mainly play on their phones.
nugnugs  +   947d ago
new or inexperienced players just need to get over the fear factor of failure, and practice. Most games have an opening period where you run around like a headless chicken but you learn from your mistakes and get incrementally better.
No patience these days.
Coach_McGuirk  +   947d ago
Just about every game released over the past 2 console generations has had an easy mode. They call it normal mode.
cleverusername  +   947d ago
Nearly all games these days are too easy!! You can even rewind time in driving games now!!
DragonKnight  +   947d ago
It would only depend on the experience the game offers. If a Very Easy mode wouldn't hamper the experience, then fine, but for games like the Souls series, any easy mode would be a detriment to the experience.
nugnugs  +   947d ago
I agree. It's kind of like a film director making multiple versions so as not to offend some here or so it's not too confusing for the mentally challenged there. It would confuse things and, almost always, the best creations are ones that have a set vision.
bluetoto  +   946d ago
I couldn't disagree more about the souls series.

There are two things that make DS hard, overpowered enemies and not knowing the attack pattern of the enemies. ( 3rd would be most fights taking place in tight narrow corridors/ledges where your weapon damage is slowed by walls and your enemies are not).

If they can make the game harder by increasing the damage and health every NG+ than they can make it easier by doing the opposite without being a detriment as well.

Less health and less damage would just give newbs more of a fighting chance. Instead of dieing 20 times before they figure out the enemy it could be reduced to 6 or 7 times, reducing their fustration and increasing their enjoyment, which is what gaming should be all about.

I don't see how an easy mode option would be a detriment to someone who doesn't use it.

I think people just need to stop fooling themselves that it takes skill to complete this game when in reality it just takes patience.

I mean seriously, lets look at the "challenging" combat:

Block or parry when they attack, move behind and whack away. Rinse and repeat.

gaping dragon: avoid frontal attacks, move behind where he can't hit you (most if not all of the boss's are built like this)

ceaseless discharge: run pick up gear, run back to fog gate, wait for him to jump and get stuck, whack hand he dies.

4kings: see gaping dragon

capra demon: this fight is only hard because you're in this tiny room with little room to move.

I could go on and on but I just wanted to list a few "challenging" encounters to let others know I have played and beat the game. I don't need an easy mode for me but as an option it wouldn't change a thing in the souls game experience.

The real issue I believe is these people are griefers and hate the idea of someone else having an easier time getting the same powerful weapon.

To this I say just keep the different modes seperate so those that want to play for fun can do so and those who just want to stroke their e-ego can do so as well.

As an option, everyone wins.
DragonKnight  +   946d ago
This clearly proves you have no idea what you're talking about with the Souls series.

*Overpowered enemies, attack patterns, and area difficulties.*

Absolutely NO enemy is overpowered. If it seems that way it's because you are underpowered. The game is punishing, not unfair. Attack patterns are your responsibility to learn through trial and error, the game isn't about handing everything to you on a silver platter. Area difficulties is a noob complaint. If your oversized weapon is inefficient, switch to a smaller one or use items/spells. Pyromancy requires no stats to use and is effective anywhere.

*Making the game easier wouldn't be detrimental*

Wrong. This is a series about punishing the kind of gameplay that is prevalent these days. It's a game that challenges you to be smart, not fast. Making the game easy, thus removing the threat, would be a HUGE detriment to the experience. The motto is Prepare to Die, not Prepare to Live.

*Reducing health and damage for a more sporting chance*

That's what you call a sissy argument. I doubt you've been a gamer for very long because back in the day you couldn't have that kind of atttitude or else you basically couldn't game. The premise of this series is challenge. It challenges you to get better, develop skills that are transferable. The problem is the generation of gamers who think "fun" is the CoD style of "run and gun" gameplay. As the saying goes, if you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen.

*Doesn't take skill, it takes patience*

Half truth. Try facing Ornstein and Smough on your own with just patience and see how far you get.

*Mocking the combat*

Skilled players can punish your attitude. There are dozens of videos on youtube from skilled players like PeevePeeverson, EpicNameBro, or DarkSoulsMindEye that prove what you say to be false.

Gaping Dragon: False. Gaping Dragon's weak point is his head. Waiting for him to slam down the forward portion of his body and wailing on his head damages him far more than your strategy.

Ceaseless Discharge: Completely avoidable enemy. Your inclusion of him doesn't negate the entirety of the game's challenge.

4Kings: LMAO! If you think hiding behind the 4 Kings will net you a win, you haven't fought the 4 Kings.

Capra Demon: Teaches you to use roll effectively and to prioritize targets.

*Wouldn't change the souls experience*

You're forgetting PvP. And no, it shouldn't be a separate mode just to make things easy for those unwilling to put in the effort to get better at a game. Why should games just hand everything to the gamer? Where's the fun in no challenge?

*Real issue being griefers who don't like noobs with powerful weapons*

Half truth. In a game that's about challenge and patience, why should someone be rewarded for having neither?

*Keep the different modes separate*

Once again, you don't know what you're talking about. People like you are why games suck these days. This attitude of casualizing games makes them stale, boring, and terrible experiences.

Clearly you don't understand the concept of an experience. Since you enjoy having everything handed to you, feel free to not play another Souls game and instead find some random FPS with constantly regenerating health and dumbass A.I. for you to run through and feel good about your "skill."
bluetoto  +   946d ago
"This clearly proves you have no idea what you're talking about with the Souls series"

I think playing the game for more than 300 hrs gives me some insight into the series.

"*Making the game easier wouldn't be detrimental*

Wrong. Making the game easy, thus removing the threat, would be a HUGE detriment to the experience"

I see. The only way to enjoy this game is how you see fit. Got it. Still don't see how an option for others affects you.

One of my saves is SL 555 making the game a breeze for me. Tell me again how playing the game MY way is affecting YOUR experience, RIGHT NOW. Same game, different stats.

*Reducing health and damage for a more sporting chance*

"I doubt you've been a gamer for very long because back in the day you couldn't have that kind of atttitude or else you basically couldn't game."

I'm 37 and most likely have been gaming long before you lost your virginity.

" The problem is the generation of gamers who think "fun" is the CoD style of "run and gun" gameplay. As the saying goes, if you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen. "

Soo gamers should only get enjoyment out of gaming as dragonknight sees fit? There is another saying you should be aware of, "Those that seek external validation for self worth are often found to be worthless"

*Doesn't take skill, it takes patience*

"Half truth. Try facing Ornstein and Smough on your own with just patience and see how far you get."

lol, I love when people bring up these chumps. All you have to do to solo them is keep smough's slow arse behind ornstein and take out orntein 1st so you deal with the slower smough last.
Just because you couldn't figure out the fight quickly means everyone else had trouble too right? Sounds like you could have used an easy mode.

*Mocking the combat*

"Skilled players can punish your attitude. There are dozens of videos on youtube from skilled players like PeevePeeverson, EpicNameBro, or DarkSoulsMindEye that prove what you say to be false."

I'm sorry, these names should mean something to me? I don't give 2 slimy dumps about the PvP. I was speaking on SP I don't even play online as I think it's a flawed system. Also SP players should be punished because of MP ego strokers?

Ever occur to you that there are DS fans who don't play the game to "best" someone else? Who aren't thinking about how to "hone their skills to showoff on youtube?"

Is this what all the buzz is about for you? Finally getting somewhere.

You're one of those people that it took hours to get a special weapon and now you don't want others to have an easier time because than you wouldn't have an advantage in PvP.

Did I miss something?

so my strategy is wrong because it worked for me? Over and over, boss after boss? I guess it didn't work for seath the scaleless either huh? As you said there are tons of youtube video backing up what I'm saying, you can't hide the truth.

"4Kings: LMAO! If you think hiding behind the 4 Kings will net you a win, you haven't fought the 4 Kings."

Which psn id would you like to see? I've done it SEVERAL times, with different SL characters. Solo. You seem to be in awful need of an easy mode if you found these boss's hard.

I'm going to stop here because after reading the rest of your crap I see that you can't be more than 17 mentally and this was more for real gamers to see.
DragonKnight  +   946d ago
-300 hours is the token time that everyone uses to say they've played it for a long time. I have both games in the series and 300 hours is something I could have done in my sleep. I have so many characters of different builds I've lost count. Let's not get into a contest of time shall we.

-Then obviously your "300 hours" hasn't taught you jack about what the series is about. This isn't about "enjoying the game how I see fit" this is about what the series IS. It IS a game of challenge and a test of patience and skill. It ISN'T the casual noob friendly games you obviously love playing.

-Well, I'll assume you're not just an old Dragon Head glitcher that got to 555 by infinitely using Soul of a Great Hero to amass billions of souls. Your SL is irrelevant. Especially if you're still playing NG and haven't moved on because the game is too hard for you. Besides, you are only playing half the game anyway and obviously desperately need it to be easy since you're championing an easy mode to eliminate all semblance of challenge. Getting SL 555 in the current game required work, patience, knowing the game. Why remove that so you can run and gun and forget about the game? That style of playing is a detriment to me and true Souls series fans because it could have lasting implications for future entries in which there is no easy mode needed since the game is made easier for casual noob gamers like yourself.

-You wish bud. Your age doesn't say how long you've been gaming, it just proves how pathetic you are.

-Sorry, how old are you again? Aren't assumptions just great? You have all the fun of saying something that makes you look like a dumbass and trying to coat it in wit.

-Please, only you would face them the easy way because you're a noob. The first time you fought them you had help, don't lie. You probably wet yourself until someone showed you how to beat them. You probably never got the Leo ring or Ornstein's armor because you're a chump. The point is, the entire game is a test of your ability to learn. It's easy to say "oh this is how you beat them" after you've been shown how to or died several times learning how to yourself. Removing that is a detriment to the experience. That's not opinion, that's fact based on what the series IS.

"I don't even play online as I think it's a flawed system."

-And that right there speaks volumes about just how much you suck. Only thing flawed about the online is lag backstabs, a problem that is easily fixed with a netcode fix and dedicated servers. What's more likely is you got your a$$ handed to you and cried about it. I bet you're even one of the formerly useful, and very typical, full Giant's Set with Dark Wood Grain ring users and still couldn't win.

As for the rest of your crap, it's all pointless because you've proven you don't understand what the series is about. The fact that you are championing an easy mode proves that enough, but your words merely back up the fact that you, and those like you, should be kept away from the Souls series because you'll only be the cause of its degradation. Go enjoy some of your easy casual games, and leave the real games to people who actually want to be challenged.
bluetoto  +   946d ago
My apologies, it's dawned on me, you're right on the money. I've been fooling myself and playing this game all wrong and didn't even know.

Thanks for setting me straight on how I should be playing and what I should be getting out of the souls series!

sdozzo  +   947d ago
I see valid points on both parties. Just install easy mode if possible. Quicker finish... More video game sales.
goldwyncq  +   947d ago
The early bosses were hard since you can't command your ally to defend against powerful attacks, leaving Oliver facing the boss alone most of the time. But once you gain access to the world map, you're given the option to command the whole party to attack or defend at the same time, making the bosses considerably easier (But still challenging).
VonBraunschweigg  +   947d ago
So this guy has one fan with a dumb broad that's too freaking lazy to learn a few simple gamemechanics meant for 12 year olds, and now all gamedevelopers should patch their ideas for the dumbo's, because every freaking moron should be be able to GTFO! No, just no. Next gen they cancel the hardmodes, the gen after that we get auto-play and before you know it everydody is as lazy & dumb as this hoochie married to a pluko who writes e-mails to some douchebag from a silly website that just doesn't bring the news anymore.
rezzah  +   947d ago
They teach you how to play the game...

Everything has a learning curve, some you get more easier than others.

This person puts a huge expectation on all games just because she is a a fan of a non-gaming company (Ghibli).

Give us the unrated versions, the way they were meant to played; not how the casuals/non-gamers want to play.
Urusernamesucks  +   947d ago
Why welcome in casuals?
ShaunCameron  +   946d ago
That was the thing that sold me onto Bayonetta.

If anything, I say the "very easy" mode is to this generation what Game Genie and cheat codes were to the 8 and 16-bit eras.
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